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Playing Obduction in VR. Spent a couple of hours in it and now feel weird. lol

Huge physical puzzles, abstract stuff, weird vibe. Sort of like a modern-day Mist.


Just finished Brothers: Tale of two sons.

I really really liked the gameplay mechanics and the visuals.
The narrative was very delicate and engaging.

Luckily it was an experience short enough to make it pleasant, clocked it at two hours.
But I must admit there’s some more discoveries to be made- it can keep you busy for a while more…

Really nice.


Agree. I also liked it. I played around three hours, solving a few extra puzzles.


Which I totally missed apart from one… I was so taken by the beauty of the world that I simply didn’t “see” them.
I feel a bit sorry but I’m not sure I can bear to play it again- I have two younger brothers and it… hit me harder than I like to admit.


Hollow Knight, some more metroidvania action, pretty good so far, certainly no hand holding in this one. I like what i see for now :smiley:

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one playing things that aren’t flight sims :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished Obduction. Sort of a weak ending, but very interesting overall.

There was one bit that was such a pain to get through in terms of puzzle, in that the solution when seen wasn’t hard but to execute it was almost game-breakingly repetitive. The whole game had a very weird vibe that I liked, and the VR ‘puzzle world’ thing was fun, but a couple of misteps sort of spoilt it a bit.

EDIT: I should say, it’s fine without VR too - you can play it with mouse/keyboard just fine in 2D. If you liked Myst or The Witness then it’s worth a play for sure.


Looking at Astroneer next - @Sargoth, what do you think of it, as you mentioned it before?

I am keen to jump on the Hellion wagon too though.


Love the artstyle, but too little content right now. Good for 20 hours


I agree. Looks great but there isn’t a whole lot to do once you get the hang of it.


Thanks guys. I’ll wait a bit till it ripens up a bit. :slight_smile:


Been playing Rocket League. Fun when you get a team that isn’t terrible, but on comp matches it is pretty random.

I’m never sure if I’m meant to be using the ‘tracking ball cam’ or not, as my ability to judge distances for boosting/flying is pretty bad. It is a fun car-soccer game, but for me there isn’t a great tight feedback loop between my skill doing something and the end result.


Silly as it seem, while prepping the moving of the whole family i’ve found the time to play Ultima Underworld again. :smiley: Happy as a kid.


So if you want a metroidvania that is going to take you a whole lot of time to finish, I’m 13 hours in on Hollow Knight, with 3 bosses down and 7 more to go… heck you get an achievement for speed if you 100% the game in under 20 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Always ball cam, movement relative to the ball is what matters! Increase the FOV if you feel like you are not getting any feedback!


I’ll give that a go - thanks.

It’s probably more just a practice thing, but it’s consistently hitting air jumps/shots that’s hard. I don’t have the ‘jump / tilt / boost’ timing quite right I think.


Sky Rogue -

I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this anywhere as close to as much as I have. Don’t dismiss it due to the arcade type play, it’s really quite fun. The procedural generation of missions and terrain is pretty good. For $10 worth a look imo

almost forgot you can use your hotas with it as well, no idea on the rudder pedals though, you know, if you are one of those who can fly in 3rd person with a stick, i sure as heck can’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a campaign or anything? Or is it just an endless type blow things up thing?


it’s 10 missions (which are procedurally generated), with an boss at the end, only got there once so far and got wrecked on it’s first stage lol. There was an endless mode in alpha, but it’s not in atm, some stuff was added so they are trying to account for that, but will be back as well.


Helps if I read. You wrote missions in the original post. Le fail.

Looks interesting.


i streamed it for a bit the past weekend, if anyone is interested in seeing some gameplay, don’t worry i don’t talk through it :smiley:
*oh man they are auto-playing, anyone know how to stop that? I’ve just embeded links so no one else will have to listen or watch that doesn’t want to.

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