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so I watched some of the video. Looks fun for a short diversion, but seems like it’d get really repetitive really fast.

I’l watch some more when I’m at home and not burning my data, but first glance leads me to an “interesting but probably not a buy” conclusion.


Shadow of Mordor


Finally got some time to play Ironwolf VR , Oh my is this nice :slight_smile: Certainly need space to maneuver with it though.


I’m almost ready to claim Game Backlog Bankruptcy as I’m not making great headway.

Here’s my gaming .plan file entry:

#The Solus Project
Really loved playing The Solus Project in VR. A real physical sense of exploring and being somewhere real. Hard to describe but I think of the locations like real places now. I’m not a huge fan of survival games (Pink Ranger needs Food Badlly!) but Solus is more about the spectacle and the adventure.

The touch controllers and the ‘pip boy’ work really well, and the graphics are awesome (although you do need a beefy system for sure). It feels like a proper game rather than a VR tech demo and is hopefully just foreshadowing how nice things like Fallout 4 VR are going to be. Interestingly, I started playing standing up and walking around my playspace, but as time went on I ended up playing seated and flicking the teleport motion control around - I feel like a human extra from Wall-e in terms of laziness but it’s better than standing up for hours at a time (oh, the humanity of the extreme alien planet explorer!). If you have a good system and touch controllers, really recommend this one (especially on sale):

#Dirt Rally
I’m not a car guy but this is really nice. Probably the best VR car driving experience so far. I loved the 60’s mini coopers and the gravel tracks, the co-driver’s blatant passive aggressive call outs (60 left, over hump, possible jump, don’t cut you idiot, finish, argghh!). The thing I enjoy the most is probably the Rally Cross races as well, with learning the strategy of the ‘Joker Lap’ and the rounds of races - it’s been great and runs really well. I got this through my Humble Bundle Monthly $12 subscriptions (because I need more games, right?). A good deal if you haven’t see it - the packs are great, and the steam keys are all separate:

#Farming Simulator 17
I don’t know why. I now know more about high-end farming equipment that I ever did before, so there’s that. Very relaxing, runs nice on a laptop. Reap what you sow! Need to make time for pigs, which I think is a noble life motto regardless. I didn’t pay very much for this, so if curious definitely wait for a sale (June for Steam I guess).

Other than that I am in time debt already to Elite Dangerous (with the new 2.3 stuff), IL-2 BoS (want to MP and learn with no helpers), FlyInside VR XP11 (waiting for FI to fix the pop-out window FMS/Map/Atc bugs in VR). My eldest kid also bought herself a Nintendo Switch, so I’m under extreme parenting pressure to go watch Zelda as well. Bankrupt!


Imagine how healthy games would become if you could run/walk on some sort of threadmill! It’ll be a bit spacey to have though.


Right now? I play around with Ghost Recon Wildlands on PS4, but I’m really liking LEGO Undercover.


Definitely tried playing Spiderman 2 while on the treadmill. Extremely disorienting, yet satisfying. Would recommend, but, make sure you have an appropriately padded crash/landing zone surrounding the area first.


Imagine if you had to run on a treadmill every time you ran somewhere in Arma 3?

I’m picturing a server rack with gaming pc’s in it and six treadmills arranged in a circle around it with VR headsets draped over them.

That would be hilarious. “How is there no Humvee at this farp?” said everyone ever.


I would be so happy, that sounds like so much fun!


Two enthusiastic thumbs up. Rewards insanely aggressive, but intelligent driving in one discipline. Supermoto on 4 wheels.


DiRT 4 is coming in June :smiley:


I’m pretty suire that would be the breaking point for gamers.
They can take some workout as “gameplay”. They’d eventually find out it’s jsut … healthy!


For me it would be combining two hobbies “You mean I can run AND game at the same time?!” :smile:


But… but… “healthy” eeewwwww


Too cool. I had a box from a vendor sitting on the floor in my office for a week that I had been ignoring. Just opened it. Best webinar hook ever IMO.


Still retiring guys in Old Time Hockey.


The only reason I have a console MLB the Show

Rain World

Beat Cop



Weeee! I am a horrible pilot but man it’s fun. Luckily the ai manages my engine for me or I think I’d be having an even worse time flying lol.

Managed to actually taxi the yak-1, take off, and land. Still had to cheat by using the external view for taxiing. That’s going to take a lot of practice to not need that. Managed not to break anything while doing it, so I took on a Bf-109 escort mission.

6 stuka’s off to deter ze commies from crossing the river. 2 of us escorting. I think someone forgot to tell herr oberstleutnant that I don’t know how to fly very well! I managed to keep up with the bombers by following my wingman (I was supposed to lead, lawl), and things were going well until those ruskies showed up in their fighters. 6 of them! 6 to 2? Not good! I’m pretty sure my wingman got taken out pretty early, and I know a stuka went down. I was hot on the tail of this yak, but was taking random bullets from some stragglers. This dude I was following was out turning me, and since I have zero idea what how to effectively combat fly, I just tried to keep getting in behind him. I managed to hit him a few times I think, though it’s hard to tell to be honest. He didn’t seem to want to go down, that’s for sure. Probably should’ve been trying to come down from above while behind, but the turning fight was putting the nose in the way of my view, so it was hard to tell where I was missing. Anyway, ran out of ammo, got a little too close, so I rammed him.

We were a little low so I failed to eject. Oops!

10/10 will try again.


Guys, we should really try to catch up on HELLDIVERS.
Got it some time ago in a winter sale or something and I finally got a spare minute to try it.

It’s clean, fast and BRUTAL!
Best in 4 co-op. :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! We definitely should!