Games we are playing


Hit me up on Steam, I’m Komemiute there too- uninterestingly. :confused:


I’ve got it
I’ll play.


Awesome, that’s 3!


I got this as a reward for a small project I did lately: Can’t wait to Download it tonight!


I am around for Helldivers for the next hour if anyone is interested.


Going to play a new season of Old Time Hockey.

Dunno what team to play as, though. I just finished as the Schuylkill Hinto Brews. My choices:

Moose Jaw Farmhands
Warroad Ice Anglers
Charlestown Stonemasons
Cobalt Silvers
Portage Lake Widowmakers
Long Island Rumrunners
Voyous de Quebec
Cascadia Timbercats
or Ft. Edward Bluenosers.


le quebec, duh


Flinthook - a swinging space pirate of a good time!


I’ve been playing Bioshock 2 Remastered and Black Mesa, great fun, along with Rainbow 6 Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Sniper Elite 4, Total War Rome II, Company of Heroes 2, F1 2016, Dirt Rally, and a smattering of flight sims that I bounce between (BOSMK, ROF, DCS, etc).
Have been replaying Borderlands 2 as well, but put that on hold when SE4 and GRW came out.


Titanfall 2. Like modernized Heavy Gear with power-ups. Makes my inner 8-year old grin broadly every time!


That just looks like chaos lol.


You’re not wrong! Sweet, delicious, chaos! :grinning:



USNF Never Ran Correctly for Me until I Added the Marine Fighters Expansion


Some recent purchases in the frog household:

Handy for asking the question, ‘what would happen when game developers had no ideas vs steam sales’. Actually it is fun, and a computers ability to run 2 million zombies is pretty impressive for playing around.

Too terrifying for me, but recommended:


Not my typical play, but caught my attention for some reason, possibly because it’s been close to 30 years since I last played Dragon Warrior, err Quest - Dragon Quest Heroes II


I’ve been playing a lot of Day of Infamy, the standalone that grew as a mod for Insurgency, which itself grew as a mod from Half-Life 2.

It reminds me a lot of the Day of Defeat which is fantastic since I absolutely loved that game!


Tomorrow night dude!

Or if you see me around, let me know and I’ll join up with you any night I’m on if I’m not doing something else.


Aah, I only get 1 saturday every 3 weeks so I am usually hanging out with friends. besides the weird times you guys play at doesn’t work for me at all :wink:


Geez this sure is a pretty looking game, might have to even try it out in 4k.

Surrounded by enemies, selfie time


Just finished Ghost Recon Wildlands, played the entire game solo.

What a waste of time. Friends wouldn’t have made it any better.