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Since the RTX 3K thread has somehow outgrown its scope, I think it would be a good idea to create a more fitting thread with general GPU Tech news and discussion. Feel free to think of a more fitting name.

To start it off, Intel has officially revealed the first mobile versions of its discrete Arc GPU series.


There seems to have been a “reveal” of a discrete graphics card yesterday. It’s so underwhelming, I’m not even going to post the link here, basically just an animated render of what the reference cooling design might look like, they even left out the power connectors. You can find it on their official page for the Arc Graphics family.

All PR hype train fluff aside, I’m excited to see another company enter the field of discrete desktop GPUs, it will be good for the market as a whole, even if it is very likely that they will have a lot of catching up to do and it will take at least a few generations of products until they are on par with AMD and nVidia.

I’ve finally caved and ordered a 3060. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get one unless they went below the 400€ mark, but given that the huge crypto crash that is currently happening has had hardly any impact on prices (yet?), I think the reality is that they just won’t get any lower.


I’m eyeing one of those too…
Checked how much of an improvement it would be over my already good 980Ti and it’s honestly impressive…

UserBenchmark: Nvidia GTX 980-Ti vs RTX 3060-Ti

Where did you order it from?, they’re usually slightly pricier than Amazon but have amazing customer service (and pay their taxes). Dunno if they ship to GER though.


You are right, but there is a difference in price and performance between 3060 and 3060 Ti so be careful what you compare and buy

EDIT: If you’re looking for a more ethical Amazon alternative in Germany, I can recommend
They are an originally Dutch webshop with great service who also try to minimize environmental impact with physical shops for pickup and bicycle delivery. They are just getting started in Germany and no I don’t own any shares.
They also seem to have reasonably priced MSI Ventus versions of the 3060 and 3060Ti now.

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I would not recommend amazon for PC components in Germany. It’s often more expensive than dedicated PC hardware retailers and the customer service sucks.
You can check, or for example.
If you want to compare prices is a good option :slight_smile:


Yay! Thank you all! :smiley:

I Picked up a 3060ti earlier this year … so far a damn good card, it has handled everything i have thrown at it well, even DCS in VR … and it also has far lower power requirements than the higher tier cards

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Ooooh please can you tell me more?
I’m so going to get a 3060Ti as soon as practicable

I’d follow the crypto market closely, if Ether doesn’t drop further, you’ll be hard pressed to get better prices any time soon.

The crypto market continues to crash like crazy, in the US you can get current cards for MSRP for the first time since release.


Is this because the market is flooded by old mining cards or just because the cryptominers aren’t buying new?

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That’s actually a real problem… One thinks he can find a good GFX card on Ebay but too many sellers point out ‘Never used for crypto’.

Yeah… :thinking:

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Both. As we get closer to the next gen release, vendors will start to try to clear their inventory which will drive prices down some more. Plus at some point Intel is supposed to roll out their desktop cards, which could also put pressure on AMD and nVidia, unless they aren’t competitive.


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