Hands-on with Quest 3 headset shows Meta's going all in on mixed reality

As long as you connect the quest III to a Power Delivery Hub or USB Expansion card with PD3.0 Ports that supply 45/65w it will stay charged over the cable.

helped a lot of friends with that issue alone, they all got PCIe cards off amazon or newegg, with USB 3 Gen 3.2 PowerDelivery Ports that support max bandwidth and 45w PD. the Cards require a 6 Pin PCIe Connector.

I referred a few friends to inline PCIe 3.0 Hubs w/ PD Ports using external power a few months back,

This is the same concept.

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Well that seems off. I will have to check my account when I get home from this trip. I purchased most of the available gliders, so I will be a little bit ticked if they decided to wipe my account.

I took the plunge with the Quest 3… Hopefully I will get it before Christmas.



And yeah I bought a bunch of ships too. I emailed but no reply yet.

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Not sure what’s going on, but suddenly a crap-ton of ancient games on my Quest are abruptly/supposedly being “updated”, and since I have a lot of games and the download speeds are glacial, it’s been going on all night.

I thought it was some sort of error until doing some research and finding out it’s not just me, so: Heads up! Either Meta has screwed up badly or… Whut?

People (including me) are reporting purchased Items being stealth-removed from their libraries with no ability to reinstall.


Also! Mission ISS Quest removed from headset

Lone Echo and Tennis 11 (or something like that) were the only VR apps I own so I didn’t notice anything.

Yikes! I have a coupla’ hundred. (And apparently you don’t frequent my freebies thread) :sweat_smile:

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Oh I do. With great interest in fact. And thanks! But I just don’t partake. Every time I leave my wheelhouse, most recently with Forza and Starfield, I am reminded that I want to do nothing but fly around aimlessly.

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I’ve tried to mix things up to keep boredom from setting in and leading (eventually) to expensive-headset-gathering-dust-syndrome.

EDIT: I think a problem of last generation headsets was they either lacked the power to replicate modern flat screen games, (Half-life Alyx proves that was only partially true on the pcvr side) or that too many companies were mostly just creating cheapish cash-grab VR shovelware. (closer to the mark)

My time with the Quest 3 has revitalized my Vr interest and I’m constantly going “Wow!” again.

Just tried Project Cars 2 last night after months of disappointment-hiatus at my Quest 2’s visuals (fuzzy, grainy, blurry) and was blown away by the clarity, smoothness and pretty much everything.

In fact I’ve been going back through my old, partially abandoned library and finding revelation after revelation.

If VR had looked like this from the beginning, I suspect it would have become a lot more popular a lot faster and stayed that way instead of the gradual drop-off thats been reported the last few years, and was documented in last years navigraph survey…

I wanna go back through the DreamDeck scenes… specially the T-Rex one.

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Condor got back to me today. They said to setup a new registration with the original email. I did and all my purchases were there. All good. Will test later.

VR works perfectly. Click the VR box, select “Rift” and go.


Well that’s great to hear on both counts. I stopped flying Condor when I upgraded to the G2, but it will be great to get back into it with the Quest 3. Thanks Eric!

I could use some therapy shopping…but no…no Quest in the shopping cart yet. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money “starting over” as it were. I do have a computer desk coming this weekend…so I’ll get my PC put back together. Once I’m seated at my computer and start feeling the urge I’ll probably jump into the Quest.

I often do this with sims. Whether X-Plane or MSFS or DCS…I won’t touch them for a long time, then go back and I’m super impressed by all of it (simming in general…and VR specifically). Fun stuff to just explore stuff and have it feel all new and shiny again.


If VTOL VR were a stand-alone sim for the Quest I’d buy one tomorrow. If I could have the ability to just pack the Quest and no PC along and play VTOL VR I’d be a really happy camper.


That would be just too awesome! I think it would be hard as it’s married to Steam. Probably hard to untangle from that relationship. I am certain that the standalone Quest3 has the horsepower to drive it without the PC.

We’re all different when it comes to sims of course. But if my 2023 was any guide and I was sent back to 2022 with just $600 to spend, I’d ditch the PC altogether (and yes even VR) and just play MSFS on the XBOXsX with an Elite controller. It’s the one thing that scratches about %75 of my itches.

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I’ve had the exact same thought. It would sure be cool to just bring the headset along without the gaming laptop and dedicated WiFi router and associated periphrials.

So? What is the preferred Quest 3 128gb or 512gb? :thinking:
Why? Thank you.

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I think the general view if you are just going to use it for PCVR is that the 128gb version is fine. I went with the 512Gb version mainly because you only have one opportunity to get the extra storage ,which is at the time of purchase.


128gb seems more than enough for the current standalone games anyway, IMO.

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I have the same thought (but I already have a quest pro).

I was looking for my Q3, as it had walked off.