Hands-on with Quest 3 headset shows Meta's going all in on mixed reality

”My” Q3…! :laughing:


So… Interested in Condor 3?

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Sorry for the late response…somehow I missed this post. Yes, I will be picking up Condor 3 when it is released. Just last night I reinstalled Condor 2 to try with the Quest 3 using the link cable (it worked well).

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So those of you that have had a few months with the Quest 3 - any definitive verdicts? It is really hard to figure out what to do coming from the G2 right now. Mine is working fine…but the writing is on the wall. Value for the money…the Quest 3 seems unbeatable. I keep reading on places like Reddit that for seated PCVR (which 99% of my time is spend doing) - the G2, even with the small sweet spot…is still pretty good. Also, given that I have a 2080Ti and not a 4000 series GPU…I don’t know if I have the processing power to stream the Quest 3 without artifacts.

The price point is so attractive though.


Well you know me. My standards are low. I value ease of use (no mods! For gods’ sake, no mods!) and dependability over leading edge look or performance. I have never used any VR headset that didn’t put $$ in Zuck’s pocket. So I have no way to make relative comparisons. All I do know is that the Q3 works out of the box. And it works how I work, meaning setting it up and putting it on my head has been intuitive from minute-one. The controllers are the best yet of the line. I can read my phone, albeit not well, with Passthrough. It is barely noticeably better in terms of visual sharpness and clarity over the Q2 (objectively maybe 20% better?). So if you found the G2 to be eons ahead of the Q2 then I’d guess the Q3 might disappoint. For me and my pridely-held low expectations, it is perfect!

Chris, it sounds like we have similar systems. I have found that I am not too impressed with how the Quest 3 performs with MSFS2020 but it is excellent with VTOL VR. The tracking for the hand controllers is significantly better. I’m using the link cable which works well. My advice would be not to buy a cheaper cable.
At the moment I’m using the Quest 3 for everything except MSFS. I’m planning on buying a new PC later this year with a 4090, at which point I think it will probably work much better with MSFS.

I’ll ditto what @smokinhole said, albeit I think the passthrough is quite a bit better than the Quest 2, which I still feel is the best bang for the buck. The Q3 is better in every measurable way than the Q2 or G2, except price. I don’t think that as simmers the extra memory is worth the investment though. If I were buying the Q3 today, I’d get the entry level one. What concerns me is your 2080ti. I’d think that upgrading your GPU might be better spent money at this point.


So, am I the only one who finds the that wireless works much better with the quest 3 and Microsoft Flight Simulator?

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Maybe. I have wifi issues at my PC location. So while wireless kinda worked, it was janky. Just as important, I need the charge! MSFS is no go for me with the Quest. X-Plane, DCS, IL2–all smooth and beautiful. Like I’ve said elsewhere though, I play it primarily on the XBOX and save my more serious sim needs for XP in VR.

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That really isn’t surprising to me. Honestly…VR can really be a showcase for good “gameplay” instead of good graphics. VTOL VR…Superhot…Beat Saber. You don’t have to have flashy graphics that approach life-like realism necessarily…just good gameplay. I’d kill to see some low poly games like Ravenfield or Tiny Combat Arena in VR.


Truth be told Ubisoft is pulling some serious PR ■■■■… Like the CEO said “Get used to not owning games, just gaming as a service!” right after a very successful launch of the latest Prince of Persia.

Honestly they are their own worst enemy.


Problem on this side is that I simply am not interested in Assassin’s creed games, so it was never likely going to be a buy from me.

The fact that it was only available in the headset, eating up tons of the available ram rather than being something I could get on Steam and stream from my computer only hammered the final “not interested” nail into the coffin…

Also… Ubisoft and their DRM/Ubisoft-Uplay account stuff has always felt like bloatware, along with their tendency to abandon their VR titles.


Caveat emptor, goes double for public AAA publishers.

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I read when it came out that it was only so-so at best. Sort of a hodgepodge of previous AC iterations. Up close melee is always going to be problematic with VR and this certainly seemed to be the case for AC.

The reviews I saw said it was pretty nice. Just not my cuppa’ tea.