Hear me now and believe my Internet speed later

OK, the Falcons blew a massive lead to loose the Super Bowl last night, which really sucked. But, AT&T showed up early this morning to install my fiber, which doesn’t suck. No data cap either. I feel a little bit better now.


How much they charge per month?

The new fiber only goes to a speedtest.net single server though, as per AT&T policy. :wink:

PS What a weird game last night. I am sorry for your loss etc. :expressionless:

I see we’ve found our new home for dedicated Mudspike game servers.


Ha! Yeah, I’m at the office now and yet to test it with another network, but in relative terms it’s a whole lot faster than my previous 23 Mb connection. And I thought that was quick. Anyway, to put it in perspective, using Netflix, a show launch is more or less instantaneous.

Now what to do for a router. My company provided Meraki Cisco MX security device with IPS is “only” allowing 200 Mb throughput, even via split tunnel. So, I’m thinking having a separate WLAN for my work laptop and VoIP phone.

@komemiute, $80/mos with 12 mos commitment.

lol only 200. Ih8u

Hey! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Those high-def Patriots highlights should be butter smooth and fast now! :wink:

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Thanks fearless. I was pretty bummed out this morning, but dropping off my 6 year old at school, a teacher walked up to the car dressed in full Falcons regalia. She told my daughter, “Don’t you worry about it baby, we’ll get 'em next year.” I realized that no mater the outlook, that was the right attitude to have.


Farging icehole and cork sucker! :grin:


Heh, I knew Cork Soaker

Totally SFW

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That and “more cow bell” are the best SNL skits ever.


I hate you. Like, literally.

I checked it through another authority and …it’s getting faster.


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It might be actually faster. Speedtest.net max’s out at 1GB/s in terms of display values and won’t show faster even if you can. :fast_forward:

Is that a recently built premise or how did you even get FTTH?

Has anybody floated the idea of fake reporting? Is he good with Photoshop? :slight_smile:

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Our house was built in 1987, but when Google rolled out fiber to a small section of Midtown last year, AT&T decided to get ahead of them for the rest of the city. So last year, new fiber was laid underground in a lot of neighborhoods previously served with cable and DSL.

Google is supposed to catch up, but I can’t imagine that they would want to rip up the streets and yards again like what happened in 2016 to lay more fiber. I would imagine that there is some sort of peering agreement on the current fiber, but we will see.

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