Heatblur: AJS-37 Viggen



Other way around. In the F10 map you can place circular markers with labels (selected in the top bar of the map). You name them after waypoints. When you’re finished you bring up the kneeboard (check your bindings) and you can cycle through which ‘data cartrdige’ to use. One will be “From F-10 map” or something similar. You load that cartridge and voila - your attack plan is in the jet.


OK…and if I name one ATTACK it generates an attack plan…pretty cool for on call CAS or SCUD hunting…etc. Thanks


That was awesome!


One more because these are so fun :slight_smile:


And finally the RB-05A. This is such an amusing weapon, though I am not very good at controlling it :slight_smile:


Incredibly entertaining peace time weapon.
But that video clearly illustrates why it wouldn’t be the most popular weapon of choice to deploy on a heavily defended target… :astonished:

It was mostly a strategic weapon. Blowing up bridges, tunnels and railway junctions in preparation for an invasion.


As for targets for the Viggen, I miss military bridges in DCS. Tank launched bridges, pontoon bridges and ferries. I guess in case of a Soviet invasion through Finland, these would have been prime targets for air strikes after the fixed bridges were blown up.


The target were 2 x IL-76 on the ramp at Sukuami, obviously delivering something nefarious that had to be destroyed. The ordnance was 8 x parachute bomb-things. The result…I missed and hit the shiny new civilian airport terminal. Uff Da!


Swedish defence doctrine was all about delaying warfare, avoiding direct confrontation for as long as possible. When central command broke down we would continue fighting independently. We were (are) told that any message stating that the resistance has ended was false…


A kill is a kill! Proud of you!


Is this only for MP? I cannot seem to get it to work at all.

Start a SP mission from ME.
Got to F10, add circular markers
Name them - I assume by purring a B1 or M3, or other usable symbols
Go back to cockpit
Bring up Kneeboard.
Go to the page that has

Data Cartridge selected:
0 Mission Editor

Mission plan as defined in the Mission Editor

Iam assuming here that if I had done things correctly, I would see something like:

0 Mission Editor
1 F10 Map

I ave tried various combinations of full mission plan in ME, no mission plan in ME, cartridge in, cartridge out, power on, power off, etc.

I tried the DCS pages…where normally I go for “How do you do this?” help, but they don’t seem to ave anything.

EDIT: I seems that I can enter a BX1 and that it evidently takes it–if I select BX and then 1 the nav system points to it. But again, nothing on the kneeboard


No, works anywhere. You can even have multiple plans.


I am obviously missing some basic concept. :dizzy_face: LOL . Will try again later.


My kneeboards in the Viggen are still broken (open beta), but when I messed with it I had to build my waypoints starting with B01, B02, then mission points with M03, M04, etc., then cycle to the kneeboard plan page and use the mission cycle key (have to check your keybinds for that one) to pick the mission plan, generate it, then reload the cartridge and then punch it into the computer.


Mother #$%#@er! A freaking “0”…I was naming them B1, B2, M3, etc. Four fire-trucking hours for a darned to heck zero…I even went on over to the DCS forums for help…didn’t get any…I guess that’s nt a big surprise…but I tried.


I might be wrong, because according to the video, it’s “Bx” and “Mx” but I could swear I used “Bxx” and “Mxx” when I tried it.


Trying now


I might be thinking of a different plan because there’s up to 23 plans that can be selected, some of which only require you put an attack/objective point on. You can then have it automatically create a plan for the specified mission (e.g. BK90 employment) or you can make your own plan entirely, which is option 23.


OK…the 0 didn’t work.

Let me get this straight…I create a mission in ME. I add a Viggen, player as pilot. I add weapons to the jet. I plot out a flight path. I save and start the mission. Once in the cockpit, I open the map - F10. I plot marker(s) using the map tool and “name them” by adding a B1, B2, to the field where you can enter text. I close the map (F10) and open the kneeboard with the keyboard. Flip through to the last page of Viggen stuff and I should see another “data cartridge” listed in addition to 0 Mission Editor…

…but I don’t. Am I supposed to find or add some file or something?

EDIT: So from your last pst, I should be able to have the thing create its own flight plans if I name target markers with ATTACK.

EDIT 2: Completely befuddled


Only one page on my kneeboard works but I can create a flight plan and cycle through it, then get a general idea. The process I used was as follows:

Start up aircraft, load up default cartridge, check it to ensure accuracy. Then F10 map, B1 for first waypoint, M2 for second (attack) waypoint, B3 for final waypoint. Bring up kneeboard, select what I believe was program 23, or pure custom, main mode selector to BER, cleared the computer (I think), removed cartridge, waited a second, inserted cartridge again, reloaded cartridge in computer, and my waypoints were set. I only had B1, M2, and B3 waypoints, but could cycle through them as needed on the selector panel.