Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Idk, they seemed to be flirting with a pre Xmas release for a while. I’m thinking mid Jan.


First quarter of 2019 is fine with me, so long as i get something usable and promise of more to come.


Soooo, what you’re saying is… TWO WEEKS :rofl:


Be sure!




Which also happens to perfectly align with the timeline for the Dynamic Campaign and Full World Map :stuck_out_tongue:


And so it begins…


Not bad.




Also, we really, REALLY need animated ABH’s on the flight deck. A former roommate taught me all the hand signals to prep a Tomcat for launch once upon a time, and I’d love to see that dance as I’m getting ready to get shot off the pointy end.


That would be something, and would defiantly add to at least the single player experience. Although to start I’d just be happy with a yellow shirt up by the cat to help line me up with the shuttle and an animated shooter.


Wow! Pilot work-load is definitely a thing with this jet. All them analogue dials and switches just beg a home-built cockpit. I so want one. Even just a little one I could put on my desk and fiddle with while working.

I just loved the Jester cheesiness factor. All sorts of video game nostalgia merged with hyper realism. I wonder if any Jester functions will be script-able in the ME.

Something is seriously wrong with me. Watching him interact with all those worn dials and switches just sent a warm, comforting feeling through me, like sitting next to a cozy fire with a cup of coffee while a storm rages outside. Life is beautiful, and so appears to be DCS Tomcat.


Awesome aircraft. :sunglasses:



Posting this for @Troll


All that switchology makes me think:

I am really looking forward to seeing these two things:

  • Pilot+RIO teams working well with each other, showing the full potential of the Tomcat
  • people who think it is just flat “Tomcat is better than Hornet” learning that the (computerized, easy to fly and fight in, quick startup) Hornet has a lot of strengths even though on paper it is inferior in many aspects.

I like a lot that Jester doesn’t seem to be terribly quick. One of my main fears concerning Jester AI was (and partly still is) that he might be too good, so everyone will just fly solo (with a little bit of automation, like Voice Attack to give commands quickly, for example). A medium level human RIO should be better in almost any regard. At least I hope so.


I hope they give him the same skill settings (average, good, excellent etc.) as AI pilots currently have. So he will not be to overpowering in multiplayer but people in SP are not hampered by a RIO that wonders what this button will do and then proceeds to jetisson all the phoenixes.


The F-14 as an airframe does not really catch my attention, I was born in the 90’s and my first up-close experience with a fighter jet was with a CF-18 Hornet at the 2003 Trenton airshow (I was 9 at the time). Once I began to delve into the world of modern Fighters, the F-15 and 16 caught more of my attention.

The older tech in the cockpit isn’t a selling point to me, but watching the video AndyE posted I appreciate what the designers did with the available technology. The rotary dials and square knobs are pretty damn cool!
The lack of information on the HUD would take some getting used to, increasing workload as Anklebiter mentioned. I have flown alot of WWII sims, so instruments I can work with - I just prefer my fancy MFD’s!

The quality Heatblur has put into the Tomcat has really caught my eye and the idea of two-seat multiplayer I’m really looking forward to! I’m talking a friend into starting with DCS, so maybe we can learn the Tomcat together.

A Strike Eagle or SuperHornet would be more my thing - but the I’m finding it much harder to not to pull the trigger on the F-14 the more I see of it.


You have come to the wrong place if you want us to talk you out of it Wes :wink: .


Hahaha! I wouldn’t have joined the conversation if I wanted to be talked out of it.

I was hoping to find some points to help talk some other people into it.



Honestly I’m just glad I’m not too excited over this…