Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



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I think we’ll struggle with that too.

I mean, it’s the Tomcat. It’s aviation royalty, flaws and all.

One simply does not say “no”.


AFAIK Leatherneck were neck-deep into building and scripting deck crew when wags told 'em ED were doing that too so they stopped work on those. No need to double that work up. So we’ll all be getting deck crew in the near future.


Oooh…I must have missed that one…don’t worry little Viggen, I’m coming for you (Maniacal Laugh) :scream:



:scream: :scream:

:scream: :scream: :scream:

… at this point, Hangar200 assumed the fetal position and tried to go to his happy place…yet soft sobbing could still be heard…




The Answer to your Problem,



Sir, I will have you know I have only just seen the holy film Top Gun for the first time over the holidays.


So glad you’re offering to make one. :wink:


nah, My plate is full of super bugs for a while.


…no !?
you guys can try to talk me INTO it :slight_smile:

Like the RD bombing run video is mighty coool and stuf but I feel too old for this. They are like 10 years too late (or 10 years too early) with all this (M2K, JumpJet, Bug, Cat, …) for me.
Hopefuly DCS will grow like FSX over the years and after 10 years we will be still playing it :slight_smile:


The F-14 was awesome in its day. In the 70s and 80s there was nothing to match it. I will love taking it up in scenarios representative of 1975-1995 when it was in its element.

By the 21st, things were changing, and it will never have to suffer the ignominy of fighting beyond its capabilities.


What’s terrifying about this quote, is SkateZilla actually works for the CDC…




Thought I’d add this today: 30 years since the 1989 F-14 shootdown of two Libyan Floggers:


My former squadron-mates.


Just appeared…


She… Is… Gorgeous



The rattling… So good! Jester quips… So good!


Oh man, I’m gonna crash that thing so many times…