Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



It looks a handful doesn’t it! It’s gonna take me years to get to grips with it.


Wow this simply looks like an AMAZING module and Heatblur should get an award or something for all the detail they seem to be bringing. I love how Jester keeps performing the call outs in the middle of a dogfight as this should help people like me (who often lose sight visually of a bandit) reacquire a visual. Also love the random comments made and the fact that the menu seems to be easily navigated via track ir.

Will be interesting to see both how many rudder pedals are sold as a result of this module and how many Tomcats simply are falling out of the sky due to people not being used to operating them in flight.

I for one am looking forward to the module and am glad I purchased it but time will tell if it becomes my primary DCS addiction much like the Hornet is for me at present


I feel like we are mere weeks away from starting this journey. It can’t be long now. My birthday is on the 18th Jan heatblur… Just saying😂


I am a bit sad that we couldn’t see the RIO seat in the video.
I don’t care much about textures, I want to see it work. :slight_smile:

But what we did see looked top notch.
Can’t wait to get into that machine myself.

And when I do so, I hope I will be able to find some pilots that don’t want to use Jester but try out a (initially bad) human RIO.


Bloody heck…
It’s amazing.


@Aginor I would love to learn this with someone else. If your interested in teaming up with an old bugger like me :grinning:


”Tell Meg, I love her!”

That Meg?



Maybe this one…


I can’t wait to see all the helmet art mod packs. I hope that can be a completely separate texture for both the pilot and RIO, and separate from the aircraft texture…

Because I want to see Porkins staring back at me in the mirror.


lots of bugs:


That aint no bug, I dont know any bugs that go Grrrrrrrawrrr in the dark.


That video says to me that the A-4 is the one y’all should be practicing with if you’re hyped about the F-14.


“Tell Meg I love her.” is probably going to be my new catch phrase.


I see a lot of people that are new to DCS trying to convince themselves that buying the F-14 over the F-18 is a great idea. If there is one thing I took away from Jabber’s video, it’s that despite being a “looker”, the Tomcat is a handful and doesn’t have a lot of the QoL features that the F-18 has. The great thing about the Hornet, is how “user-friendly” and forgiving it is as a weapons platform. It’s a great intro to navy flying in DCS and offers a lot of different things to do.

I never answer those forum questions (What should I buy?) because a lot of the times I feel that if you’re writing that, in a way you’ve already made up your mind and are looking to be convinced of what you already want to do.

Here is my answer, buy the F-18.

That being said, the F-14 looks to be another quality product with the highest of production values; The Viggen was a treasure! Looking very much forward to the F-14’s DCS debut as well as the ensuing over saturation of Tomcat drivers.


I too think a bit like that.
Some seems to think “aha yeah I can deal with anything. I already know I’ll be a Tomcat Ace!”
Flying planes is hard. Fighting in planes is hard.
A bird like the Tomcat is the sum of the two squared with a little help from the GiB.

Honestly? I wouldn’t surprise to see very little Tomcat on DCS servers after the initial rush.

That is, beside Virtual Squadron that are going to have the time of their lives! :smiley:


Yeah, it’s going to take some effort, to be efficient in the Cat…


No one will care about Hornets or Tomcats once DCS: F-16 is released. muahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! :rofl::rofl:

Make mine a Viper, baby. :grin:


Oh boy…I knew the Tomcat was going to be a handful, but holy hell! I’m definitely going to have to put on my big boy pants and break some habits while learn to fly the Cat. Specifically I’m going to have to get into the habit of actually using the rudder inflight. :grin:



Is it a case of using opposite rudder to direction of turn or the other way round


The several, “This issuing to be holy hell to learn how to fly”, comments got me thinking…

The F-14 RAG (VF-101 Grim Reapers) was several months long for both pilots and RIOs. I wonder if somebody has the UNCLAS,“how to fly the jet” part of the RAG syllabus around?

Unfortunately I will probably be a bit busy / distracted with family matters for an indeterminate time. When I can I will try to contact info for one of my former squadron-mates and see what he has.

They also had a RAG syllabus for squadron intel officers…but I’m pretty sure we all know how to make coffee by now. :roll_eyes: