Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



I’d go with “Bomber” or “Dookie”


Realistically speaking though. I’m pretty sure he was not the first neither the last on that kind of incident…

Heck, on some traffic jams around here I was very close to similar dangers in my car. More than once.
-Call that a highway to the danger zone.


Must… Resist… Jokes…


You guys, early release manual is live!



Skidmarks to the danger zone…


Actually we had another RIO who they started calling “Skid” for skid marks…not exactly the same reason but scatologicaly related. :mask:



Wait a sec, aren’t you supposed to use the slip ball to coordinate turns with rudder? :thinking:


Great video. The mention of cross controlling when talking about slow speed flying is interesting. Normally the pilots tried not get into a situation where they might need to cross control since it could lead to departing the aircraft. The video mentions landing as a time when cross controlling might be used. I guess it might.

Joining up on the flight lead was also when a pilot might cross control to put the plane into a slip in order to lose excess speed…sort of slide into position on the lead without over shooting. The issue was evidently not telling the RIO they were going to do it…the force from the maneuver could push an unaware RIO up against the side of the cockpit/canopy. :open_mouth: I wonder if Jester will mind.

Anyway, the flight model sounds intense.


I give this manual my stamp of approval. Heatblur has clearly done their homework.


YES! this is better than the manual coming out. I have an ACCURATE manual to play with


A little offtopic, but considering the posts above I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite HUD tape of all time.


brings new meaning to the call “Splash” :rofl:


Ok, who hacked @near_blind’s account? :angry:

Seriously… That’s high praise, indeed!


Heatblur offices upon reading that post:


While it may be technically correct, it is not grammatically correct. :wink:


I think i found the guy: Pamper


A flight of 20 Tomcats on a server (or 10 with 2 seats)

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I see some names I recognize there.