Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update

Alright. You got me. At first I thought it was going to be a X-Plane 11 Citation X. I didn’t even look at the rest of the site, just the product spot and the cost. And then I was like, what currency is that in? 3.7M kronar?

Then I realized :slight_smile:

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How about this?

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Small thinking



Important notice from Cobra for @near_blind

[–]ralfidudeIt is such a good night to dance… 7 points 12 hours ago
No rest for the wicked eh Cobra?

[–]Cobra8472Leatherneck Simulations[S] 8 points 9 hours ago
Never. Especially with an F-14 on the downwind leg. :slight_smile: And of course the 0100111001100101011101100110010101110010001000000110011101101111011011100110111001100001001000000110011101101001011101100110010100100000011110010110111101110101001000000111010101110000001011100010111000101110


Binary decoded that says

Never gonna give you up…

@nicholas.dackard is naughty boy! Next time at least a Caesar cipher or a Vigenère square :slight_smile:


RIck Rolling via binary?

Yup, we’ve got a niche in a niche going here.



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Nichepolcalypse: this time it’s Nichenol

That said if it gets us a Tomcat faster, Cobra can do all the press releases in Hexadecimal cyphers, but they all end up being lyrics to Nickleback songs.

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What, you don’t like to play fair?

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Ha ha ha, This is such a good tease. Just imagine how much the Tomcat will do for our hobby.
Two old guys (like me) sitting at a café…

Guy 1 "Hey, DCS just got an F-14"
Guy 2 "Really, the Tomcat"
Guy 1 "Yes, and its full fidelity too"
Guy 2 "No, no way. It cant be!"
Guy 1 "The company that did it has a real good rep too,
look there are screen shots. And apparently this is not their first rodeo"
Guy 1 and 2 at the same time “Daaaaamn! I got to get a computer together”

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FSX and Prepar3d Sales Spiked w/ the Released of F-14X Addon…

Just Sayin’

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It’s no joke.

Literally the only things keeping me tethered to P3D are the F/A-18E and the F-14X

I’m already working on my Tomcat VR Tactical Demo… only so much you can do w/ a F-15 though ,lol.

-Max Performance Take Off Depart Show Left
-Flat 8 Depart Show Right
-Knife Edge Wing Sweep Depart Show Left
-Forward Sweep Slow Roll Right, Depart Show Right.
-Simulated Carrier Approach/Wave off (Gear, Hook, Flaps), Depart Show Left.
-Minimum Radius Turn, Depart Show Right.
-.8 Mach High Speed Pass, Depart Show Left
-Carrier Break Pop Up Tuck (Right Roll, Break Left), Depart Show Left
-Simulated Carrier Landing (Gear, Hook, Flaps), Touch And Go, Dirty Roll Left, Depart Show Right
-From Right, Pitch Out Maneuver, Depart Show Right
-From Right, Tribute Pass (Wall of Fire), Depart Vertical Left.
-Carrier Break Pip Up Tuck (Right Roll, Break Left), Depart Show Left
-Landing from Show Left.
-Taxi From Show Right.

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The first week or so of Tomcattery is going to be constant carrier patterns until I get gud. Then I dunno, maybe murder a bunch of Flankers while cackling hysterically? It’ll be moot until I look sexy in the groove.


You need to look sexy in the break before you look sexy in the groove. Wings swept back in manual, 50 ft above the water, then break hard and throw everything out at once.


There is a right way and a wrong way to enter the break in a Tomcat.

You have described the right way.

450 knot entry, wings back, 6 g turn.

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In Scale Modeling, F-14 kits in any scale are 30-50% more expensive than all other kits.

I blame Tony Scott.


I know. I’ve seen it up close from Vulture 's Row a time or twelve. :slight_smile:

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I can see at least two F-14 models from where I sit… do I have a problem?

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