Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update


  1. It’s up on Steam if that’s your thing.

  1. RE that date.


Any product sold on Steam must have a date set, hence we do not have the option of writing in an ambiguous “Winter 2018/2019”. You will have an amazing, full Tomcat experience starting this Winter. We’ll let you know where we stand at the end of this month. :)". :slight_smile:



Adam’s Apple Confirmed!


I feel like this module will become the module to rule all other modules. Forged in the fires of Heatblur.


A tragically valid point! Although Heatblur is starting with modeling the Turkey as equipped with the F110, right? The TF30 equipped A models (and presumably we’d get the option for B’s kitted with the same engine) coming at a later date.

Really? I could swear I’ve seen product listings for things that are simply “coming soon.”

I think a feature complete Hornet will give it a run for it’s money; Tomcat of course has the hollywood image Cold War USN swagger, and BVR for days, but the Hornet gives a wider range of mission options, eg CAS (rockets and Mavs), Anti-ship (Harpoon), and SEAD (HARM).

At the risk of forever being banned from this forum; I think I’d get board with the Tomcat before I would with the Hornet.

Still, I have enough virtual hanger space for both, and for me, not owing ether of them simply isn’t an option. :slight_smile:


What is the actual difference between running dcs on steam as opposed to the download of ED? I’m curious as to any changes in the program or if the standalone runs better. Any answers on this?


DCS and Steam always sort of dance around the fact that lots of store options for base games aren’t available for DLC entries. For base games you can do a ‘coming soon’ but DLC not so much: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/coming_soon

It’s the exact same code/performance etc, just the module manager points to the steam store entries. There’s a ‘beta’ branch on Steam for Open Beta but ED usually chooses to release things on their own platform first, to avoid things like refunds and people bombing bad reviews, just because of early access like bugs.


I see thanks for that fearless. I wondered if steam running in the background negatively affected performance slightly but your explanation makes more sense. Thanks


There’s also the little fact that steam takes like a 30% cut. Go native.


I have a strong feeling it will set new standards in every aspect.

I think it is also important to note that it includes a lot of content. A new carrier, more AI units, campaigns for multiple terrains, etc. all that stuff.


True - it is good to support the ED store direct. Another way to think of it though is that they might get 30% more sales being in a shop with an active userbase of 150 million accounts. If it was a DVD sold at Walmart they’d take 70%, such is retail.


Cue the opening of a champagne bottle on board of Concorde. :slight_smile:


Doing that would rate as a pretty darn special experience in my book. But yeah the jaded 1%ers who did that probably thought that casual.


IMO the A with TF-30s will be the “balanced” aircraft, even though it will lack a lot of the air-ground prowess that the B will have. Coupled with the A being the more numerous model and I think I’ll likely be spending a fair bit of time in the A just to enjoy the extra challenge.

This! The Kitty will be a lot of fun, but the Bug will have a much more diverse mission set when it’s done, not to mention the Bug will be far easier to fly. The Kitty will be the one for the challenge of flying while the Bug will be the one to run missions with. I also think the Kitty will make a better coop aircraft.

Steam gets updates and DLC later than standalone, but beyond that they’re the same version. The F-14 being offered on Steam as a pre-order is the first time they’ve done that. Note that it’s also slightly more expensive than standalone pre-order, probably to cover Valve’s cut. I’m OK with that because the trade-off is I can download updates much faster than standalone, so I’m willing to pay the difference. Also, once you buy on Steam, you can’t transfer to standalone.


Looks like @nicholas.dackard is having fun with the date on Steam. Good times. :slight_smile:


Enhance le pixels!




because one just wont do.


Called it. Intruder 4 lyfe


Ouch. Man. Hopefully we are talkin 1sr calendar qtr 2019, not 4th. Words matter


Definitely winter of 2019, so that’s december 31st 2019 confirmed.


Bet @nicholas.dackard is chuckling away to himself at the firebomb that landed in this thread lol