Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



Oh this is tame. We’ve all seen this long enough to chuckle, shake our heads and move on. Reddit on the otherhand…



Napalm confirmed for F-14


We’re going to have to do a vote for a #oh-my-I-do-declare drama tag for sure. :slight_smile:


Don’t module releases on Steam lag behind ED client release anyway?


Yes, typically a week or two after standalone. Updates are usually same day though.


Winter 2019? If so I will Never preorder Anything …Ever…Never


The biggest issue in my mind is how feature rich the Tomcat may be on release compared to the Hornet. While I don’t disagree that the Hornet may be more feature rich overall, the question is how long will it take ED to get it there… If I had my choice, I’d rather fly the Hornet just due to the diversity it offers, but if it takes ED a long time to get it fully functional the 14 may be the better option short term.


The Hornet release process on ED is interesting in that it has forced us to “learn” the Bug in steps, much like how one would train to fly the real jet.

First, basic flight ops and landing on the boat. Then simple A2G dumb bombs and basic AIM-7 and AIM-9 A2A, then moving up to AMRAM and AIM-9X and helmet sight thing, and laser AGM-65…and so on.

I don’t know the exact FA-18 RAG syllabus, but am pretty sure it takes a similar “crawl, walk, run” phased training approach.

When the Bug is essentially done, it will be interesting to see the level of competency of Bug pilots who purchased it early as compared to those that bought it when finished.

Whoa…I just used up my deep thinking for the rest of the year.


Let’s face it… We will all get bored of those mediocre planes until we FINALLY get the true an only “killer app” for DCS…

:a6: THE INTRUDER!one1!!eleVeN.:a6:


Killer as in so boring it kills all interest? Killer as in "I got killed by enemy air defenses? Killer as in “I died because I kept making googly eyes at my BN”?


thick Italian accent
Pffft Forgetabbout it.
You will-a pay for thiss-a diss-a-respect!


:f111: > :a6:


Size wise sure!


They both are great machines. I think the fact that the pig goes faster is a fair trade to the intruders’ carrier qualifications.

Am I wrong to have a strong desire for both? Guess I’m pan- :stuck_out_tongue:


Disgusting pan-simmer… :stuck_out_tongue:


Says the guy named rambling about tadpoles in the F-14 thread…


HAR HAR HAAR! :laughing:


Well, you can look at it this way: the Tomcat needed a playboy like Tom Cruise to make it likable among the general public while the Intruder never had to rely on a hollywood playboy to become iconic.



That would imply at some point the Intruder had been iconic, wouldn’t it?

I feel like that’s also a pretty rough insult to both Willem Defoe and Danny Glover