Helicopters..they are fun



good thread, lets use it…

Imo with all the above said I would say go like this :
good selection of helicopters from difrent devs ( Huey in the works, in the meantime Bell412 from X-Trident will do great job )
whole world scenery

Most of P3D helos are lacking in the basic flight dynamics regimes.

Btw regarding DCS Huey. First I was litle bit confused not to say disapointed.

Then I visited helisimer page to see what these guys said about it and I was like ’ exactly my thoughts ’ :slight_smile:

When I first downloaded and installed DCS UH-1H last year, I was very disappointed in it. I had heard just how good it was, and had just purchased a set of Pro-flight trainer Black Lynx flight controls for my PC. To me, the flight dynamics didn’t represent the forgiving pilot friendly flight characteristics I had always heard the Huey family was famous for. Instead, it flew like a Robinson R22 on a half a tank of gas with a 2 to 3 second delay control response in gusty winds.

He then continues that PC upgrade made a diference in his initial feelings but with my 60fps in Insta Action mision I dont know if hw upgrade will cut it for me also.

Not necessarily unrealistic, and its fun, but not what I was expecting.


Got you covered.
From the discusion in this article :

Will this work in P3D?

It should, yes.

So I guess you can give it a try.


Yes…! I almost forgot this thread with all its heretic collective pushers. Hopefully, in the time since the thread bump, they’ve come to their senses.

(I’m gonna try that HTR utility in P3D v4)

There is also this thread on P3D’s forums where the author of HTR is asking some questions about it…so not sure if there might someday be a P3D specific version coming down the pipe or if it just works as is. I’m going to give it a shot this morning though…



LoL :smiley: no way I will not repost this

btw I am puling now… with my diy colective… no way I can understand puling with desktop throtle :wink:

yep, looking fwd to the report


Interesting - having never flown a real helicopter, i wouldn’t know whether the “R-22 with half a tank of gas and delay in control” is true or not - some of it could be lack of throw in the sim cyclic but I can’t evaluate that.

From my simmer’s point of view, the Huey feels ‘real’, things like pendulum effect in hover etc. feel right to my layman’s senses…and a bit of curve sorted out most of the jittery feel.

As to the delay, you do need to anticipate a fair amount but the Huey is a pretty big helicopter really so an element of inertia seems natural. But then again, this is all just circular justification from someone who hasn’t flown the real thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would say it is prety subjective mater. After all it is simulation on desktop computers so everything what is close enough to the real thing counts. DCS and XPLANE are definitely there.

And as I already mentioned DCS Huey is fun and chalenging helo and that is important :slight_smile:
Hope soon enough I will take it for a ride on Blue Flag server.


I realy like it. Even though it is XP10 version.

I wish I had bought XP when it was ofered as XP10 with free XP11 key. I mean there are still more helos for XP10 than XP11.

Only two pure XP11 versions I know about are DF 407 and VSKYLABS Cabri.
The rest are pure XP10 versions or XP10 versions made compatible with XP11.

That said I still fly that DF206. But I think flight dynamics needs some treatment when I compare it to XP11 407.
So I do it like this. I load up 206 cold n dark, start it up and then switch to runing 407 and fly. Once I land the 407 I switch to runing 206 and do the shutdown… fun :sunglasses:


XP introduced control curves only with v11.30 so we can try it now. I did, but realized that my joystick refuses to respond to my inputs corectly - plastic gimbal wear out. I need replacement first.

Imo XP helos are as good as DCS. Like the X-Trident Bell412 is as good as DCS UH-1.

@Hangar200 what are you actualy questioning in here

Is it the system modeling or flight modeling ?

Btw Gazele was good choice.


My understanding is that the FSX engine can just not handle it. Recall that FSX was at the end of a long evolutionary process - each new version was in some way backwards compatible with previous versions. I don’t think helos were added until FS 2000 or 2002, and not well integrated.


But as you mentioned, there are definitely some developers and helos for FSX which are not that bad. Like Milviz MD530

Here below reviewed by real MD530 pilot. So I guess it is more the decision of the devs how far and deep they will go with their simulation. Its obvious from below text that Milviz, without using external tools, managed to replicate helo flight quite well.

But usualy the ’ shalow ’ simulation we see delivered from many FSX devs.
On the other hand XP devs have simpler position as the XP internal helo flight model is beter. So without much aditional efort they can deliver beter experience. Maybe thats why we see so many helo XP devs.


Wow! Thanks for the review link!

Yes, I totally agree with your assessment. I had thought Milviz had gone beyond the FSX model/engine because of how it handles. Amazing they were able to do what they did without doing that.

I had researched the Dodosim B206 and had read that they had gone beyond the FSX limitations. I was very pleased with their model. Only wish that they had done more helos.

The other company I like is CeraSim. I am pretty sure that, like Milviz, they have just tweaked the FSX model. Still, they have nice cockpits that seem to have some systems logic built in…albeit probably just skin deep.

I have a handful of Nemeth Design helos and like them for casual flying. They have OK flight models and systems…some of the “systems” appear to be “click the switch and the proper light goes out” rather than really do something, but that is sometimes enough. :slightly_smiling_face: