Helicopters Video Thread


Helicopter school.


Wow…that video made me anxious about being grilled way back when I was a primary student. LOL…that instructor was putting him through the wringer…

“6 miles? There’s quite a difference between 10 miles and 6 miles. But you might be right. Where’s your map?”

LOL…love it.


Not being a real pilot, I thought there were times there was going to be a fight in that cockpit. :wink: The web-page this was taken from is pretty interesting to view. They have a lot of videos with instruction of proper procedures for flying helicopters. Might have to go through videos again, they are very good.


Yes…being a pre-checkride checkride, that instructor was throwing every distraction at that guy that he could. Some were blatant (cell phone) and others were distractions cleverly disguised as aviation competency questions. That is a good instructor that is probably making the pre-checkride check even more difficult than the actual checkride is going to be. One thing is for certain - as a CFII who has had a few students try to kill me, I certainly couldn’t take being a rotor instructor. Those simulated auto-rotations are no joke and you have to allow your student to dig just enough of a hole that you can also extract them from it. It has to be the most fatiguing type of instruction out there…


Cable inspection scores a big NOPE in my books. :grin:

Guy’s flying around on his magic carpet tapping 500,000 volt lines with his magic wand. :smile:


Wow! I bet his hourly salary is quite hefty. You couldn’t pay me enough.


Italian helicopters over Iraq.


NH90 Training Media - Sogitec Industries. Gives one pretty good perspective when you think about how lucky we are to have a flight simulation running on our home computers.


Queue the Palpatine memes now, please.

Awesome footage.


Like this?


Helicopter School Part 2.


Venom from the sky. Would love to see this helicopter someday in DCS.


I had no idea Bill Burr (one of my favorite comedians) is a helicopter pilot…


The amount of sway that the landscape is doing in the background is almost making me sick watching it. This is how I feel my helicopter flights in DCS are … vomit inducing if I was really there :slight_smile:


Never would have guessed this. I also like his work a lot myself. He and Lewis Black are my favorite comedians.


Man, I envy dudes with those helo skills. That vid was sick! I wish I could fly like that.



I found that out when he was a guest on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”.

I think I remember him saying that he likes to learn skills that would help him in apocalyptic situations. He didn’t want an airplane license because with airplanes you need an airstrip. With helos, you could just hop in and haul ass out of there. :smiley:

Without further ado, I present, The Helicopter Story :slight_smile:


We’ll see how long this gem lasts …


That was some turbulence when he connected to the drogue


Quite like this ceiling fan. :slight_smile:


Looks like the tail rotor is shot though.