Helicopters Video Thread


just need some bar and a couple of universal joints and that tail rotor could be a direction fan :grin:


That is well and truly awesome. I’d want a Mi-24D :smiley:



It…it…it’s just so…UGLY…!




Bell V-280 … they even put the nose wheel on the wrong end!

EDIT: SH-60/UH-60 does this too but please ignore these obvious examples … I wanna make fun of the V-280!


Turkish T129 ATAK Helicopters Firing Tracer Rounds


This is crazy. I can’t tell if it is a training exercise or not but that pilot! Wow!

Posted on hoggit: My digital rotorhead ego has been shattered…


With all the flooding we’ve had here in the U.S., my guess is that this is real.



Vietnam War: Cobra Gunship mission firing Flechettes (Combat Footage).


Interesting spot where they talk about the dye mixed in with the nails.


Like a shark emerging from the depths…

“A video of a helicopter flying incredibly low over a fog shrouded road that was shot two days ago in Kirkstone Pass in the English Lake District of County Cumbria…”

Per The Aviationist:

“It’s likely the helicopter in the video is a Eurocopter AS365N3 Dauphin II, nicknamed “Blue Thunder” by the British tabloids, that belongs to the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW). Specifically, the unit flying the aircraft is probably the 658 Squadron based at SAS HQ at Credenhill, near Hereford. The elite aviation unit was previously known as 8 Flight AAC until September 2013.”

I think they are doing a snatch-and-grab on the cyclist… :wink:


”Cmdr. Bond. M wants you in her office right this minute, sir.”
”But I can’t let anybody at MI6 see me in tights like this! You’ve got to swing past a tailor on Savile Row”
”Sir, I have strict orders to fly you straight to the office. Something about a russian oligarch about to destabilize the world economy and kidnap her majesty”
”Apparently so, sir”
”Okay then”
”Strap in, sir”
”But what about my bike? Q will have a seizure if I leave it out here”


It was definitely IFR - I Folow Road :slight_smile:


Either hungry for a sandwich…or great autorotation…tough to tell…


Some kind of “land right now” failure:

Transmission or engine problems is my guess. Could’ve been chips detected in gearbox.


He got confused with the pull for power settings on his flight stick? :slight_smile:


That happens when you put the USB cable in upside down*… :upside_down_face: :salute:

*USB-C is really going to screw with people…


Pilot is apparently some famous helicopter film dude: