Helicopters Video Thread


They have a couple of those ‘boats’ on the lake at Queenstown, NZ, giving rides to tourists. Very cool to watch.


This sounds more like a Canadian type story…but oh well…

“Seriously hurt, the man was air-lifted by a Lifeflight helicopter to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. It’s in critical but stable condition now, according to the reports.”

So he ran into a helicopter (was it running?) and then he got airlifted by a helicopter.


LOL! So in other words he had bad luck and good luck all at the same time. :slight_smile:


Interesting first flight of the Sikorsky/Boeing Defiant:

From here:


What’s that thing on the back? :slight_smile:

Finally, my Black Shark time in cockpit will come in useful…


I think that it is engaged in level flight over distance to increase efficiency and speed


I’ll email them my ideas of horizontal flat lifting structures that could be affixed to either sides for increased efficiency. :wink:


Really? That thing is modern!? Before opening the link I thought I was looking a one of those crazy contraptions that were test-flown in the 60’s.


Stealing a comment I read about it:

“That is one ugly looking submarine…”