Helicopters Video Thread


I’m thinking some sort of loss of function on the ship (or cargo displaced, or medical emergency etc) enough for this to be some sort of rescue. I honestly thought it was going to try to land at the beginning of the clip…


Good point. Still, certainly looked impossible from my limited perspective. I mean the degree of roll is just insane.


Maybe engine failure? Don’t ships try to avoid that sort of roll, and would plot into the wind at that point? @Navynuke99 would know. :slight_smile:


Best wokka-wokka sound on YT!!

Definitely brings back memories…


Yeah, could be a loss of propulsion, or maybe steering, since there appeared to be at least some wake. But yes, in seas like that you’d really, really want to be bow - on.

She also looks to be riding high in the water, so if she’s lightly loaded, she’ll move around a lot more.


Additional footage of that rescue here:

And from the ship’s perspective:


'Scuse if this is a known vid - I just found it today and it’s awesome! Sorry for the music - it may cause permanent damage.


I love this guy’s videos. (I think he was also featured in a Smarter Every Day video). His video skills and editing are super good… I love his landing at Indian Arm…that is a beautiful spot… (around the 6 min mark)


Yep, been watching his stuff from time to time as well. The views he shows are simply astounding.


Half helicopter. Some nice in-cockpit footage as well.




WTF?! Is that legal?

Here’s my contribution to the HVT … nice save …





Camera bird for a movie? Police unit? That’s absolutely nuts.


Yeah…speculation is that it is filming for a Batman series movie…(like is part of the movie…not filming as in being the filming platform…but who knows…)


I would like to see the risk assessment and insurance premium for that.


Yeah, the graphic detail is good but the lighting is waaay overdone…

everyone stares at komemiute

What? No way that’s real… haha ha… ha…

staring intensifies


Didn’t a helicopter with floats like this get eaten in a Jaws sequel?



Anyone old enough to remember this episode ?


Batman is right on the fringes of my memory. I was mostly The A-Team and Knight Rider…