Hospital stay

Hi fellas,
Ever since I flew in @schurem fight room I haven’t been the same. Anxiety, depression and a general feeling of not being worthy… Ha, just kidding.
On a more serious note, I’ve had a headache for 2 weeks, chills at night dont let me sleep but I had no fever. Yesturday some Quack said I was stressed. I said Nooo my life is great. I’m sick. Next thing I know I was leaving the hospital. Dirtbag!
This morning I came to the big hospital in Qatar. Its state of the art. I got a blood test, swab test and EKG. Results are not back yet so they’re keeping me overnight.
I know why this happened. Because the Jug got released today along w the Channel map grrrr. LoL
Wish me luck . I cant wait to joing the gang online again


I hope the test results come back ok! Glad to hear you’ve been able to get into a hospital. Stay safe, and sending good wishes for your health, man!

Be well @Maico! We need you at the fight club! these floors need wiping! :wink:

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Yep we are all looking forward to flying with you again bud. All the best

Sorry to hear that. Hope you get well soon!

I volunteer to take your place in MP while you are in the hospital… :grin:

One week in the future @Maico looks at his scores…“How can you have a negative kill ratio??!!”

In all seriousness, best wishes for an accurate diagnosis, painless treatment and quick recovery! :slightly_smiling_face:

(So, I mostly just glance at the avatars when looking to see who a post is from. I glance and see a motorcycle and think @Wes …reading the post…thinking to my self, “Why is Wes traveling from Canada to Qatar? It must be one heck of a hospital…” :grimacing:)


Hope you are feeling better soon @Maico!

Hope this is just a short hospital visit and you get well soon @Maico.


Good luck, hope all turns well

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Atleast your sense of humor has not yet been affected! I hope you’ll turn out fine and start feeling better soon!

Are you doing ok as well @tempusmurphy? On the mend yet?

better thanks, still very sore, but getting there


Get well soon!

Let us know when we can respond with “Belly Laugh” posts…don’t want to impair your mending. :slightly_smiling_face:


You said it, no take-backsies! Come on and get your posterior gently tapped by several boots next time the fight club goes live…


Very sorry to hear this. Hope you get well soon. Good you’ve got professionals watching you.

Get well soon mate

Thank You all so much. I’m positive. I’m being transferred to another hospital at 3 am. All a bit cloak and dagger. The full moon shines in the window.
Your posts put a big smile on my face.


Keep a smile on your face, mind over matter, war on the invaders, and each day enough rest for a strong tomorrow!

Don’t forget discord too - if we’re around flying you can still stop in on the phone app to say hello and have a chat too!

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@Maico, keep a journal bro! No doubt you’re going to make it through but I want to know the details.