I figured I would teach myself something new (Blender)

I fancied doing something different today, and so I decided to sit down and try to learn how to 3D model with Blender. Usually I get frustrated with it and walk away, but I actually made some progress this time…

I’m sure that I did a lot wrong technique wise, and I have a long way to go before I can say I know what I’m doing, but I’m quite pleased with how this is turning out.


I remember reading that the Lightning may well be the most delightful flying jet ever made. The opinion was from a Brit of that period so obviously biased. But I bought it then and still do. So I applaud your choice. Good luck honing the new skills!


If thats your first attempt that’s quite impressive!


Great steps! With blender and 3d modeling I feel exactly the same, I do some baby steps towards a project and then get frustrated too easily.
A plane is an ambitious first object to do though. Engine nozzles, and gear are my bane there :slight_smile: Not too mention the dread of getting a 3d cockpit done.

What helps a lot in the process of modeling is for me the review by an experienced modeler. Usually it means re-doing the mesh at large, but with an improve technique. I was lucky though to get some advice by NodUnit on a few models I tried to re-shape or improve and it went a long way.

And another source of frustration to me is the difference in rendering between blender and arma 3. What looks like a decent model in blender suddenly turns into a pixel mess in the game. I hope your target environment is easier to pacify!

Reminds me to restart my efforts on the A-6 TRIM pod, he he.



I chose the Lightning in part because it is a relatively clean and simple shape. The canopy is going to be a challenge. I might just make the canopy opaque and call it good :wink: .

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I remember seeing Lightnings when I was a kid… loud, fast with a purposeful look to them. Unfortunately they were withdrawn from service just a couple of years before I joined the RAF.


This is kind of addictive… not much to show for the last couple of hours, but the wings are completely redone, I worked on the air intake and radome area, plus a bit more on the underside of the fuselage.

There is still some strangeness with the wings and belly. Unfortunately I will have to put the project on hold for a week or so… I hit the road tomorrow and head off to the Flight Sim Expo the day after I get back.



I played a bit with blender in the past too.

not a 3D modeling per se but conversion of FSX AS355 cockpit into XP AS350 model.
eventually I made it work but I called it a finished project once the texturing part was needed.

today I am not 3D modeler by any means, and not going to try it again in the foreseeable future, but I have better appreciation for flight sim addons devs who can produce detailed modeling and texturing work :slight_smile:


I did a bit of 3d modeling, too.
You might remember this thread:

Sadly my mod stalled a bit, but once I have the time again I’d love to get back into blender. It is a great tool.

I know exactly how you feel. Done similar many times (who hasn’t?).

I did manage to finally do a lot of add-on scenery for FSX, having spend years on and off doing the same - strating off full of energy that fizzled out as the going got more and more involved. But I did eventually manage to do a few airfields after buying utilities that were easier to work with - unfortunately by then everyone had moved on to P3D and XP10/11, but at least i got to enjoy it myself.

I think your lightning looks good enough to use for AI, with a little texturing. Don’t need a cockpit for that :wink:

I took some time to work a little more on my Lightning. I cut out the canopy, learned how to make the glass transparent (along with a slight tint).

Also, I cut out the rudder and ailerons making them separate objects, added rudimentary engine nozzles and attached the Pitot tube.


More lost time… but I now have missiles and a few other refinements and additions.

I’m thinking that I might have to redo the wings as there is something funky about them, but it is coming along. I purchased a Blender book, but I have to admit that I have found Google and YouTube to be much better references.


They look slightly too deep near the wing root, but
is it just because there’s no panel lines?

Looking here, if you had the panel lines in, as per the references below the model, they would look ok?

Amazing though, Well done. How many hours are you in now?


these worked for me also. there are even aircraft specific.

coming along nicely :+1:

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I’m going to have to work out how to apply the panel lines. I guess texturing will be on one of the next things on my “to learn” list.

I’m not exactly sure how much time I have put into it so far. I’m guessing probably about 15 but I have been learning as I go. I could probably knock out something comparable much quicker now.


Learning the art of UV Un-wrapping :crazy_face:

The wings and vertical stab look pretty good. The fuselage is nearly there but there is some weirdness at the nose that I will have to play with some more.

Obviously I still have a very long way to go, but I am noticing that certain things are getting easier, such as looking at problems with the mesh and figuring out how to fix them. The wings are a good example. I have now reworked them, by straightening them out and and slightly rotating them to add angle of incidence…and suddenly they look much better from all angles. I have learned also that a 3-View drawing doesn’t necessarily give you the whole story when it comes to the shape of an object.


DCS English Electric Lightning confirmed!
Its Happening Ron Paul GIF


Maybe just a little bit to early to jump on the DCS hype train… not least because I have the texturing skills of a three year old! :rofl:


Seems like fate to me. Wales is coming. The Lightning has received some recent forum interest that I don’t recall before. The game needs more late Cold War machines. You’re a toddler today, Paul. Two months ago you were an unfertilized egg. At this rate of growth you’ll be a module-making PhD by 2024!


There were no more add-ons left for him to buy, so @PaulRix had to start making some himself…! :wink:

Release it as Early Access already!
Why is it taking so looong??? :sunglasses: