I got the Samsung Odyssey+

Early last year before the release of the DCS Hornet, I got the OG Samsung Odyssey and tried it out for a couple of weeks. This was my first VR Experience. The immersion factor is amazing and I came away excited for the future of VR. However, compared to the clarity of my 32-inch 1440p G-Sync monitor I was left a bit disappointed by resolution of the Odyssey and returned it.

Ever since I’ve been chasing the immersion provided by VR. I got some Cougar MFD’s and mounted them on some screens to use with DCS. This led to ideas of building a multi-monitor sim pit but I just can’t go down that road when the VR tech is just getting started.

This last weekend I finally gave into the virtual peer pressure and ordered the O+. It’ll be here on Tuesday. Timing wasn’t great and I ended up paying $450 from the MS Store. Painful when I know it was available for $299 at release. I’m going to give VR a solid second try and will keep it for the full 30-day return period before making a decision to keep or return.

I know there are some VR veterans on here and some who even own the O+. Does anyone have any advice for getting started? I have a fairly decent rig, (8700K @4.8Ghz/1080TI/32GB RAM/NVMe). I’ll be wearing contacts to get started but may order some VR lenses from WidmoVR. For flight controls I have Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, Cougar MFD’s and VKB rudder pedals. I might go for a 2080TI when EVGA cards come back in stock. Nvidia pricing on these new cards is really frustrating. Hopefully I can offset some of the pain with the sale of my 1080TI. Currently I mostly fly the DCS Harrier and Hornet while looking forward to the Tomcat release.

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I think the most important tips for the Odyssey and VR in general with DCS are:

  • Use the VR Shaders mod, until DCS updates to their own optimization for VR (which is coming). If you get a reliable 45 fps+ then it will be comfortable to play and look great. It’s a pain to have to reapply each time but worth it.

  • Experiment with the settings, as out of the box they aren’t optimal for things like DCS. Check out using some settings like WMR clarity and being miserly with your DCS settings. If you really want to go for it and fiddle a lot then having a good in-VR performance profile app is useful, and I do like using fpsVR, although it costs a bit of money.

  • The Odyssey comfort is odd and worth sticking with for a few weeks rather than sending it back on the same day you get it. :slight_smile: After a bit of use the headband foam does soften up, and the trick for me is to wear it so that the back is quite low on my head. Contacts or WIDMO are the way to go for sure, as not much room for eye-glasses I think, or rather, it might work by you get a nicer sweet spot if you can stuff your eyes right in there.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Got the O+ today and was up and running in DCS in less than an hour. I still have a lot testing/tweaking to get things dialed in. When I had the OG Odyssey I tried the VR Shaders mod but couldn’t get passed the reduced graphics quality with it. I’ll spend some more time messing around with it this time.

Man the Hornet looks nice in VR! So far the O+ seems nice with the reduced SDE.

Yeah. That was the most important thing for me. When I first tried it, particularly coming from the Rift, I was like…wow…this is not really built for heads at all is it? But then I learned to pull the back strap further down than what you think and really you just sort of get used to it. And I do think the padding does sort of break in. That said, I’ll be the first to order a replacement cover when VR Covers comes out with whatever they are coming out with.

Good to hear…! Yes, the reduced SDE is great, and I actually sort of got used to the hazy/film look that is sort of the side effect of the SDE technology (I guess that is what causes it). I don’t even really see it now. I will say though, I do have a dead pixel that I just noticed last week, down in the bottom right. You can’t really tell…and I only see it when I look for it.

I just picked up Aerofly 2 FS last week and am in love with that for VR flying. It has its drawbacks…but it is a really great platform for VR. Been a bit busy on other projects the past two weeks, and I have really been missing my O+ game time…so I’ll be happy to get back into that soon.

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Orginal odyssey here.

Just got thin 7mm padding from china. (htv vive but fits in odyssey easily)

Makes wonders to FOV or how good it now covers your vision. Much better than stock.

Give it try :slight_smile:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-7mm-PU-Leather-Memory-Face-Foam-Eye-Masks-Replacement-for-HTC-Vive/132156868988?hash=item1ec529c97c:g:aWMAAOSw4DJYmpg2:rk:1:pf:0 That one :slight_smile:

Alright so I got everything up and running with the shaders mod. I see some people saying you don’t need MSAA with VR. What am I missing here? With MSAA disabled the shimmering is crazy. I bumped MSAA back to 2x and things look much better to me. I’m running SteamVR at 200% and PD at 1.0 in DCS.

Thanks for the tip on fpsVR. On the Hornet carrier takeoff mission I was doing around 45-60 fps. Will continue to test settings for best performance/image quality.


MSAA IS MUST, maybe people is just bit blind.

odyssey with clarity hack (steam vr 200% and config file 1.0 - > 2.0 = nice but still shimmer like hell.

  • 2xmsaa = much better :slight_smile:

Made some progress setting up my new O+ and got the wife argument about buying new tech stuff out of the way… Seems there’s no way around that one. If I ask its a absolute NO and if I just get it anyway then its an argument… oh well.

I have the clarity hack, SteamVR beta and WMR Beta all setup now. I only have two problems at the moment. I get some annoying microstuttering while looking out the side of the aircraft in DCS. It seems my fps are around 60-80 but reprojection is limiting it to 45 often. Can I and should I disable that? I’m set to 90hz in WMR settings.

I’m also having issue with the mouse in DCS. I get no mouse control with headset on. If I lift the headset off then I can control the mouse. Use mouse option is enabled in DCS. What am I doing wrong?

@will2360 @haukka81 Have you missed the part where @fearlessfrog and/or @BeachAV8R discovered that the SteamVR resolution setting for DCS World only affects performance, and not the actual looks?

Have you tried turning down SteamVR resolution, while keeping the in-game DCS supersampling the same?

I wasn’t aware that they had tested the “clarity hack” provided by Gryzor on the steam community and DCS forums. Many people are claiming this improves image quality in DCS for the Samsung Odyssey.

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oh wow, my bad! Nope IIRC that was just the SuperSampling setting in SteamVR, no config editing involved

Config edit is proves by wmr microsoft Dev here:

1.0 limits max resolution , 2.0 is better for odyssey but will use bit more video memory.

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Disable odyssey ASW thing in config file , that thing makes huge amount of micro stutter

Reading a bit, I only see values of 1.0 and 2.0 for rendertargetscale.

Would intermediate values such as 1.3 or 1.5 also work? Worth a try?

I only have a single-fan cooled GTX 980Ti with a 4.2 GHz i5-4690K, and anything above 1.3x supersampling is stretching it already in games like DCS and Elite:Dangerous.

Paste :

Hi u/golflimalama2, u/Gryzor22x,

Let me try to provide more details. What renderTargetScale does is it increases the internal limit on resolution before the downsample/upsample occurs.

More specifically:

On an Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS or other headset (1440x1440 per eye resolution):

• ⁠renderTargetScale == 1: Limit is 1764x1764 per eye
• ⁠renderTargetScale == 2: Limit is 2206x2206 per eye (this is the max; setting renderTargetScale > 2 won’t have an effect).

On a Samsung Odyssey or Odyssey+ headset (1440x1600 per eye resolution):

• ⁠renderTargetScale == 1: Limit is 1657x2065 per eye
• ⁠renderTargetScale == 2: Limit is 2072x2582 per eye (this is the max; setting renderTargetScale > 2 won’t have an effect).

Setting renderTargetScale will use slightly more video memory, but not much.


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And !

Hi Kyokushin4,

Please try 210%. 210% is better since 220% triggers an image resize to get down to maximum resolution, which causes the image to become blurry.


So as you see what i pasted , it really is not so simpple with odyssey. Now i dont have lean in MIG-29 , i can easily to see fuel gauge Numbers. Without hack they are not so sharp.

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Judging by the way he writes:

There’s probably just those 2 options, and no in between then.

Thanks for your replies!

I saw that too, running at 210% now. What lines do I need to edit to disable ASW? I’m assuming this is in the default.vrsettings file?

Just look in that file , if there is // before motionpreprojection (etc) = auto line then its off.