:smiling_imp: “Why does this exist Frog, it’s $5 for discobot’s sake? People are paying for fps counters in VR now? Ha!”

:angel: “Oh, look at that - neat, just $5, plus I’ve always wanted a bit more info on what was going on while playing”.

I’ll probably get it of course. It should work for anything Steam/OpenVR, so WMR as well. You can see it in action on the Odyssey for things like this:


Excellent use of the angel and devil emoticons. You are officially crowned honorary Generation Whatever they are called these days. #OldManJoinsTheNewCrowd


It works pretty well. Here it is in Talos (a really nice puzzle game) and you can see it puts a panel ‘under’ your controller, so you just rotate to see it.


Here’s DCS (Stand alone, not the Steam version, but it uses Steam/OpenVR so I can use this):


Because I don’t use hand controllers in DCS, you can just mount it as a panel below main eye sight. As you can see, keeping to over 45 fps is hard, but in-game it looks smooth due to reprojection.

To make things easier to see rather than Magoo-vision, here’s a static screenshot.

Here you can see that my system maximum for DCS is about PD of 1.5, with SteamVR Super Sampling set to 96% (I run the SteamVR setting ‘Video’ at 160%, so put the DCS.exe as ‘Application’ 60% as it doesn’t impact how DCS looks, just the in-sim PD value does). This is on a 1070 with an i5 @ 4.5 GHz.

I’m hitting 45 fps pretty steady and projection making that look like a smooth 90 to me, without my GPU % hitting 99% all the time, my GPU memory also not maxed out (would be bad), and my CPU comfy at 56%. RAM is ok, but this is just a free-flight mission.


Can you post your in-game DCS Graphics Settings as well, please?

PS - Thanks for answering my question on the Steam board, appreciate it man! I picked up a Odyssey+ to hold me over until my Pimax 5K+ gets here likely sometime early next year, it arrived on Monday and I’ve had my hands full with trying to refine everything. Using this in combination with the GPU/CPU Bottleneck indicators from SteamVR I should be able to dial everything in.

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Here you go, my DCS settings - Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks... - #176 by fearlessfrog

If you have better than a 1070 then you’ll be able to put a few more things on.

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Thanks. Great info.

Just updated my 1070 to 1070 TI AMP that will get overclok

Happy times :slight_smile:

Noob questions:

How does the video card impact the VR hood? Is it the same as the card to PC monitor?

What generation of VR is the current technology? When is the next generation (not Star Trek TNG) due out?

I think generally maybe:

Oculus Rift CV2 (been out a couple years now)
Samsung Odyssey or Odyssey +
Vive Pro
Pimax 5K (the new-ish kid on the block)

I’ve owned the Rift and O+ and liked both of them. I’d love a Pimax 5K just to play with, but I’m not willing to shell out on a company that I’m still not 100% on, and they are expensive by the time you add some accessories. I don’t think it is ever a bad time to jump into VR, and prices on the hardware are pretty reasonable. I’d encourage everyone to try before you buy, but also you need more time with it than what you’d get at a demo booth. I really liked the 30 day refund thingy that the Windows Store (or was it 90?) gave because it gives you time to get to know the HMD and really make a determination. Is it worth the discomfort and/or lower resolution? Does it work well with the types of games I play? Will I get my money/value out of it? These are so individual specific, that it is really hard to make recommendations. Unlike something like Track IR, that, when it first came out, would be universally liked by anyone, VR is very subjective as to the benefits and drawbacks over 2D monitors.

That should confuse you enough.


I got similar numbers but my Lazy CPU (i7 8800) never goes above 19%. Still getting smooth gameplay but its just blurry. I guess I got to live with it.
Edit: Turned off

EDIT:I turned SVR to 220 and this has transformed the experience for me. My acid test for VR is the F-5E Vegas Free flight mission. I got decent to low fps but still playable. In a Caucuses Dogfight, I was in the mid to low 40s but buttery Smooooth.
Thanks for your sharing. Testing will continue…

Edit: Turned off MR and got even better fps now. Looks gorgeous.

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seen this fpsVR reports…
but can’t fine the way to generate them… any idea??

fpsVR Report:
App: DCS HMD: HP Reverb VR Headset VR1000-2xxx0 (90.001 Hz, IPD 65.5)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ( CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i9-9900KS CPU @ 4.00GHz
Delivered fps: 45 Duration: 1.8min.
GPU Frametimes:
Median: 15.4 ms
99th percentile: 22.9 ms
99.9th percentile: >30 ms
frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 5.8%
CPU frametime:
Median: 10.4 ms
99th percentile: 18.1 ms
99.9th percentile: >30 ms
frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 66%
Max. SteamVR SS: 149%
Render resolution per eye: 2692x2636(by SteamVR settings, Max.) (HMD driver recommended: 2207x2160)

Well, first of all, do you have fpsVR installed?

ehm yes!

I think you need to save fps history and look at in the history viewer.

ok think i found it!

Just run any game or app. If the “Save History” is enabled, it will save the session (session should be atleast 15 seconds. SteamVR Home is ignored completly.) when process of game or app disconnect from SteamVR (or if “Reset Stats” is pressed). If you need run the new session during playing, use “Reset Stats”

ty @Troll

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Question pls, can you pop-up and interface with fpsVR without using the hand controllers, which I rarely use? TIA

Edit: you can show/hide the fpsVR panel with LCTRL+LALT+o.

yes you can also attach the interface to one of the controller and have it shut off when the controller is off!

I see. So, even if you don’t regularly use your hand controllers, you could configure one this way and any time that you wanted to tinker with fpsRV, you break out a controller. Hmm, might be a better setup than what I have now, which is to launch fpsVR each time SteamVR loads. I wonder if there is a slight bit of overhead? Regardless, it’s an extremely useful tool, IMHO.

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