:smiling_imp: “Why does this exist Frog, it’s $5 for discobot’s sake? People are paying for fps counters in VR now? Ha!”

:angel: “Oh, look at that - neat, just $5, plus I’ve always wanted a bit more info on what was going on while playing”.

I’ll probably get it of course. It should work for anything Steam/OpenVR, so WMR as well. You can see it in action on the Odyssey for things like this:

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

Excellent use of the angel and devil emoticons. You are officially crowned honorary Generation Whatever they are called these days. #OldManJoinsTheNewCrowd


It works pretty well. Here it is in Talos (a really nice puzzle game) and you can see it puts a panel ‘under’ your controller, so you just rotate to see it.

Here’s DCS (Stand alone, not the Steam version, but it uses Steam/OpenVR so I can use this):

Because I don’t use hand controllers in DCS, you can just mount it as a panel below main eye sight. As you can see, keeping to over 45 fps is hard, but in-game it looks smooth due to reprojection.

To make things easier to see rather than Magoo-vision, here’s a static screenshot.

Here you can see that my system maximum for DCS is about PD of 1.5, with SteamVR Super Sampling set to 96% (I run the SteamVR setting ‘Video’ at 160%, so put the DCS.exe as ‘Application’ 60% as it doesn’t impact how DCS looks, just the in-sim PD value does). This is on a 1070 with an i5 @ 4.5 GHz.

I’m hitting 45 fps pretty steady and projection making that look like a smooth 90 to me, without my GPU % hitting 99% all the time, my GPU memory also not maxed out (would be bad), and my CPU comfy at 56%. RAM is ok, but this is just a free-flight mission.

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

Can you post your in-game DCS Graphics Settings as well, please?

PS - Thanks for answering my question on the Steam board, appreciate it man! I picked up a Odyssey+ to hold me over until my Pimax 5K+ gets here likely sometime early next year, it arrived on Monday and I’ve had my hands full with trying to refine everything. Using this in combination with the GPU/CPU Bottleneck indicators from SteamVR I should be able to dial everything in.


Here you go, my DCS settings - Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

If you have better than a 1070 then you’ll be able to put a few more things on.


Thanks. Great info.

Just updated my 1070 to 1070 TI AMP that will get overclok

Happy times :slight_smile: