I’ve bought a helmet!

I have always wanted a HGU-33 as a display piece. Found this on ebay.

The seller says its USN, but I don’t know…

Anybody know anything about these things?

I’m thinking about refurbishing and painting it in a cool livery, myself.

Pics are from the ebay ad.


Nice! I’ve been considering one of the old timey leather flying helmets, myself. Nice to have as a collection piece!

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Cool! Is there a way to actually connect the earpieces to the PC output? Is it a matter of a connector?

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Nice enjoy.

I would refurbish it and customize it for use with a home cockpit build and demo to friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Source parts here - http://www.gibson-barnes.com/dept-293811/Hgu33-Helmet-Parts.html

Helmet Info - A guide to movie accurate "Tog Gun" hgu-33/p helmets (maverick, goose, viper...) | RPF Costume and Prop Maker Community

I would take it to a pro motorcycle helmet painter / air-brusher and get the Blue Angels skin on it or other of choice!

Ready for DCS-F-18 humm :wink:


IMO, it tells a story, like what did this poor bastage do to get the callsign Pitch? I’d leave it original.

Edit: …like always forgetting to set his takeoff trim.


and attach a trackclip pro on the side


I Love this. Nice Helmet Troll. Keep it all original.

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Surely there has to be a way… I know there were some kinda pricey adaptors to connect David Clarke headsets to computers. Plus this is @Troll we are talking about here.

Edit: https://www.magnumelectronics.com/David-Clark-Adapter-C62-USB-p/40918g-26.htm

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I guess that would be possible.

I have a couple of airbrushes… And while someone like Dru Blair would do one heck of a better job, I like to do it myself :wink:

I may keep it original if I can find some clue of its history. I’m on a facebook group for flightgear collectors and one guy told me to look under the liner, if there’s a name and unit.
The seller didn’t know.

The visor is cut for the MBU-5/P mask, and AFAIK this was primarily a USAF mask, but used briefly in the USN. But it’s hard to tell since it may be partially refurbished already, with new parts.

I get a feeling that I have seen that wing, on the side of the dome, somewhere…


LOL! @Troll I have a meme for you. Reality and imagination is really a very thin line. :slight_smile:



Too true…

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Especially in VR! :vr:

You can’t see the line because of the resolution issues


Re helmet: It looks to be USN - I don’t believe the USAF allowed decorating helmets so. The design is about mid-1980s before we (USN) went to the gray molded to your head helmets like the USAF.

The colors - those particular shared of blue and yellow are the same as VA-75’s (The Sunday Punchers) colors but the wings are not anywhere their emblem…so…?

Patch is obviously the owner’s call sign.

Of note the velcro fuzz patch on the right hand side is where you stick your rescue strobe light…after you have ejected and are in the water. The light has the hooks side of the velcro. The idea is that, being a naval aviator, you are probably in the water after punching out, so this puts it about as high out of the water as possible.

I wouldn’t do a thing to it…however, I’d wait until the A-6E came out in DCS to use it. :wink:


You may be onto something…


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Hmmmm… from the @Troll provided Squadron History link:

During the 1986-1987 deployment in USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67), VA-75 … completed with a perfect safety record.

OK…I guess the squadron CO flying too low and snagging a bunch of the French National Power system, power distribution wires…wrapping them around the FLIR dome and right wing speed brakes…doesn’t count since he recovered safely aboard. :open_mouth:

Yes, I was there. I saw the jet myself…and the CO…he looked “a whiter shade of pale”, as it were.


That’s why it didn’t count. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that link!

I have my grandfathers flight helmet and lining is crumbling apart. I’ve thought it would be cool to fix it, but didn’t know where to look for parts.

He flew Corsairs, Skyraiders, and TBMs in Korea, and helicopters in Vietnam. Does anyone know what model helmet it probably is?


I guess it’s an HGU-33…? Or maybe SPH-5…?


APH-5 or 6, depending on material:


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Cool Helmet!

Hangar200 is almost certainly correct in that it is a Naval helmet. Naval helmets were (and still are I believe) required to be covered in reflective tape. This is primarily to facilitate rescue at sea. That tape really shows up in a searchlight.

The AF generally intended to go down in places where being seen was not necessarily in your best interests.

Anecdotally, when I was a nugget and the old group and wing guys were telling stories about VN, they acknowledged that instinctively AF guys in trouble headed towards land while Naval guys headed towards the sea…regardless of which might have been in their best interests at the time.