Rebuilding a HGU-33 helmet

Some of you may remember that I bought a HGU-33 earlier.

And that I ended up selling it and got a partially restored helmet, in parts, instead.
I’m going to restore it and make it look like if Maverick was a real USN pilot, and tape the helmet using reflective tape. I’m not entirely sure I won’t paint it, like in the movie, because if I use tape, it will be a lighter blue color… We’ll see and you guys will help me decide.

But before we get there I need to fix the shell, visor cover and mask receivers.
While removing the hardedned glue on the inside of the helmet, I almost sanded through the fibreglass shell. So, I’m going to use some fibreglass filler, to strenghten the shell again.

Then I’m going to use spray filler to even out some scratches on the outside. I’ll probably use some two component filler on the deeper cuts first…


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