IL-2 1946

Taran may count but after nearly thirty minutes of flight time making that goof was just a little bit on the frustrating side. Even worse was that when I watched the track again earlier today both the AI pilot and gunner were already dead. I had wondered about just that possibility when all the friendly AI planes broke off their attack.

Had to look the term taran up. I take it you meant the Russian aireal ramming meaning?


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Now the real question is “Did his chute open”???




seems like pilot of that Zeke had better chances :slight_smile:

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found IL2 1946 installed on my notebook so decided to do some quick mission. good sim even after those years.


I am still amazed at what people have done using the IL-2 Full Mission Builder over the years. I just started making some Quick Mission Templates for the QMB using the old Burma map and thought I would give M4T’s download area a check to see what others have done with it.

One of my first tests of the QMB Scramble mission. Seems I have attracted a little bit of the enemy AI’s attention!


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btw do you use the stock 1946 or also the unofficial Daidalos Team patches? or any other mods?

Daidalos Team discussions - Official 1C Company forum (

That change in early 2020 from a Yellow forum banner, which led to them being unofficially known as the Banana forums for several years, to a blood Red forum banner on their site is still jarring as heck to me.

I use the HSFX mod patched to v7.03 and I also use the Daidalos Team patches.

I even have some content that I created included in these DT patches.

  • v4.11m - Hawaii QMB missions
  • v4.12m - Midway QMB missions and created a Single mission pack for the B5N Kate
  • v4.13m - I updated the Coral Sea QMB missions

I used a copy of Pacific Fighters when I created the B5N Single missions so that anyone opening the missions would think they were created in that time frame even though the B5N did not have a cockpit when PF was released. I used the D3A for the PF mission and then I altered the .mis file manually to use the B5N.


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Testing the Burma QMB Scramble mission template tonight and after scoring 4 victories while lining up to score my fifth victory in less than 15 minutes the trigger happy friendly AAA over my home airfield shot me down. After I was hit not even an was going to save my virtual pilot. :scream:

Taken from the eventlog

[Mar 1, 2022 2:46:52 AM] Mission: Quick/Burma/BurmaRedScramble00.mis is Playing
07:30:00 Mission BEGIN
07:30:00 usa01000(0) seat occupied by Player at 49069.945 27749.307
07:30:00 usa01000 loaded weapons 'default' fuel 100%
07:31:05 usa01000 in flight at 49079.082 29158.498

07:34:32 ja01020(0) was killed by usa01000 at 54105.88 28975.742
07:34:41 ja01020 shot down by usa01000 at 54952.23 29128.898

07:35:36 ja01023(0) was killed at 54880.64 30787.168
07:35:36 ja01023 shot down by usa01000 at 54880.64 30787.168

07:36:55 ja01001(0) was killed by usa01000 at 44317.06 26445.596
07:37:04 ja01001 shot down by usa01000 at 44618.785 26014.396

07:38:39 ja01000(0) was killed by usa01000 at 47289.445 25619.16
07:39:02 ja01000 shot down by usa01000 at 48293.47 24852.418

07:42:46 usa01000(0) was heavily wounded at 47209.91 27300.443
07:43:06 usa01000(0) was killed at 48705.453 26723.492
07:43:06 usa01000 shot down by 8_Static at 48705.453 26723.492
[Mar 1, 2022 3:00:01 AM] Mission: FAILED

07:44:13 Mission END

8_ static is a 25mm AAA gun.
9_ static is a 25mm AAA gun.
10_ static is a 25mm AAA gun.
11_ static is a 37mm AAA gun.

  8_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$Zenit25mm_1940 1 48182.37 28155.44 523.59 0.0 0 1 1
  9_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$Zenit25mm_1940 1 49465.35 27765.51 523.59 0.0 0 1 1
  10_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$Zenit25mm_1940 1 48303.03 29061.26 523.59 0.0 0 1 1
  11_Static vehicles.artillery.Artillery$Zenit61K 1 48476.96 27461.52 523.59 0.0 0 1 1

8_Static shot down 2 enemy aircraft and 1 friendly aircraft, ME. Of the other 3 AAA guns that scored hits one of them was another friendly fire incident.

07:33:45 ja01022 damaged by 8_Static at 48204.75 28653.42
07:33:55 ja01022 shot down by 8_Static at 48345.95 27749.773
07:42:34 ja01012 shot down by 8_Static at 39779.984 33299.438
07:43:06 usa01000 shot down by 8_Static at 48705.453 26723.492

07:37:16 ja01011 shot down by 9_Static at 44907.957 25810.012

07:39:04 ja01013 shot down by 10_Static at 47630.676 28288.178

07:33:50 usa01023 damaged by 11_Static at 49832.684 29590.957

IF this ratio were to hold you have about a 33% chance of being tagged by your own AAA whenever you and an enemy are within its firing range.


Anyone who has ever played IL-2 for any length of time will know how rare it is for every one of the spawn/stay points to be occupied by an AI aircraft. Normally something is messed up with the taxiways. There are 17 stay points at this airbase and the AI aircraft landed and taxied to all 17 of them. What was even more surprising to me was that they landed and taxied to all 17 stay points whether they landed on runway 17 or 35 !!

A little afterburner action.

Bandits galore!



And the second airbase I work with proves the rule…

The map builder used the exact same layout for the airbase. However, They did shift it 15 degrees so now you have a runway 33 and a runway 15.

Those runways work fine but the spawn/stay points have problems now. Of the 17 available spawn/stay points only 9 of them work now. The problem was caused by the map builder adding blast pens too close to the spawn/stay points. 8 of the 9 blast pens he added cause conflict with the AI aircraft. The only one that did not cause a conflict is the one that I circled. This causes the AI aircraft to think that the spot is already occupied so they move to the next spawn/stay pont that is available.

As you can see in this screenshot there are only 9 aircraft parked now. :frowning:


I have been doing some work with the stock Burma map using patch v4.12.2m. I only have a couple of Red Scramble missions done but I thought they might be a nice diversion for anyone who still might still be playing 1946. The files have been uploaded into this post. If the zip file does not create a Burma folder in your Quick folder then you will need to make one. The file path should look like this:
\Missions\Quick\Burma (23.0 KB)

Do you think I will ever finish the Burma QMB missions Discobot?
@Discobot fortune


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:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

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I always liked a challenge Discobot!!

Burma is a beautiful map but the airfields definitely have issues…
I am still looking at the airfields one by one to see if there is a stock workaround/trick I can use so the QMB missions are playable by just about anyone.

One workaround I am already using is to remove a misplaced copse of trees on the secondary taxiway at the Palel Airfield in Grid B6, Map coordinates 16.2 x 54.4.

I placed a Stationary Object Train Stock Car 8 next to the hut and had the AAA on the field blow it up.
Outside of being black instead of white it reminds me of a Propane gas tank.

When the rail car blew up it took out the misplaced copse of trees and the hut just leaving some barely identifiable hulks that do not interfere with the AI aircraft using the taxiway.

Now I can get AI aircraft to park at 21 of the 22 stay points.

Even though there are some horrendous terrain issues with that secondary taxiway too.

I used the Me-323 for my testing because as far as I know it is the largest aircraft we have in the stock game and if the taxiways function with it then it should function with any aircraft.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Been just over three years since the v4.14.1 patch was released by the Daidalos Team but that drought is finally over since the v4.15m patch was released today. :sunglasses:



Flew an old Pacific Fighters single mission, converted to Coop style play, with some SBD’s landing at Pearl during the attack on Dec 7. Definitely got some unwanted attention before I could set her down.

Lol, I forgot to mention that I fast taxied into one of the hangars to keep from getting killed by the Zeros that were bent on destroying me. The closest call was just as I entered the hangar. The bullets from the Zero practically followed me all the way into the hangar. After that close call they stuck around for about 15 minutes after I was inside the hangar strafing the hell out of it.



great shot Wheels, what an aircaft


@Hal, will you list the IL-2 games in the order of their release with their release date. Include the official addons in that list.


Sure thing, @wheelsup_cavu! Here are the IL-2 games in the order of their release with their release date:

  1. IL-2 Sturmovik - November 2001
  2. IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles - March 2003
  3. IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles Ace Expansion Pack - September 2003
  4. Pacific Fighters - October 2004
  5. IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 - December 2006

I hope that helps!