IL-2 Desert Wings - Tobruk (Part 1) - The Desert War

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Introduction Welcome to Tobruk Guest writer Chuck Owl, celebrated author of the Chuck’s Guide series, is back with a comprehensive review of this IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover – Blitz add on. IL-2 Strumovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk moves the World War 2 flight sim Cliffs of Dover product from the skies over the English…


Great history lessons about a part of the war I never knew much about even though my uncle was a desert rat in the 8th army

It is worth commenting upon how much more focus the Battle of Britain and the later US involvement in the war get compared to these campaigns. Although there were quite a few turnbacks (or, perhaps, defeats!) for the Commonwealth forces, holding a second front open while the Germans themselves opened a third front (against the Soviets) was a vitally important aspect of the war that kept supply lines open and set up the Allies for eventual victory.


Excellent news! Look forward to learning the history behind the sim. Thank you Sir Chuck!

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This is very exciting! Thanks Chuck!

I’ve always found the desert war campaign to be mighty interesting. I suppose it helps that Forgotten hope 2 on initial release mostly focussed on the desert war.

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It is great to have some background info. It adds some story to the flying over Tobruk.

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