IL-2 Desert Wings - Tobruk (Part 4) - Under the Hood & Final Thoughts

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Introduction In this episode, Chuck closes out the series with a look at the new tech that has been added to the game engine and finishes off with his thoughts on IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk. If you missed one of the earlier sections, here is a reference list of what was covered (with…


Thanks for this fantastically written series. I admit that I had originally not considered buying this (it would’ve been such an easy purchase in GB with career and VR and all…) but this series has changed my view on things.

What do you or anyone else thinks of the campaigns? Is there enough to do in there to warrant a buy from a pure single-player perspective? I’m especially keen to hear about the bombers and torpedo bombers since we don’t see stuff like that simulated very often!

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Thanks for writing and sharing this @Chuck_Owl! It was a very interesting and informative read!

The campaigns are fun. Don’t expect any voiceovers or super detailed briefings, but most of the time there’s enough to do to keep things fun. I flew a few missions from the Beaufighter, Gladiator, CR42, Bf109, Hurricane, P-40, Wellington, Stuka and D.520 campaigns but I didn’t finish them so I can’t really comment on how many missions each campaign has. I know some campaigns had 6 missions, but others have more. However, the Blue Wellingtons campaign does not feature torpedo attacks IIRC.


Compared to a DCS module or Il-2: BoX title, Tobruk gives you a ton of campaigns.

That said, Il-2 has the randomized career and Pat’s CG, and DCS has a vibrant user community, so they are easier to get SP content for. CloD pretty much has what is has, so it requires more out of the box.

They did a great job providing that, whatever your interests are.

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Thank you for such an amazing review, Chuck! It really means a lot to us!
Let’s not forget 100% of the flyable aircraft on the Cliffs Blitz/Tobruk series have clickable/interactive cockpits for some sim study. Radios and oxygen-related systems are not, but all the important functions are interactive with mouse-over labels over levers and knobs and info labels over instruments (like your altitude or speed, temps and etc…).


Welcome to Mudspike, @danperin! :mudspike:

Which will be great for VR! I hope that is still in the works…?

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It is, mate. VR and TrueSky. :wink:


Really looking forward to that!

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