Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


I guess Linebacker will be going out of town this weekend. Hopefully he leaves his insurgency server online. :slight_smile:
Regardless, we can still play on public servers.


Yes, we can use public servers if necessary, we did that for Day of Infamy last Saturday and it worked out pretty good.


Not sure if I’ll be around tonight guys, hoping I will be tomorrow.


Servers up. I should have DoI server up for tomorrow too.


Thanks. I looked for your server earlier and didn’t see it, so we ended up on some public servers. Missed out on the extra maps and inventory options though.


Hi Linebacker, will the server be running tonight ? We tried private servers last week and it really sucked frankly. Either there wasn’t enough slots or the AI were set to Terminator, Adlabs almost swore ! That’s simple unheard of !


For sure. Sorry about last week … I was focusing on getting out of town at the time.

Adlabs almost swore!? :grin: And here I was imagining you guys having a better time on the public servers. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry I missed last week! Not sure if ill be there tonight.


Man, wish there was a broken heart button to dislike rhino’s post.


Rhino always says he’s not sure if he’ll be there but then he shows up and he’s like this girl in this clip …




Bit of a short notice here but join us for a special Day of Infamy session tonight (Saturday July 22, 9pm EST) where we’ll be trying the new “Dunkirk” update released yesterday! …


Argh. My little one is being a pain. Genuine risk to miss this.


I’m around for probably 40 minutes to an hour for anyone interested. On TS.

@saghen @Linebacker @Prof @adlabs6 @Andrew116


Dang wish I would have seen this earlier.


Dunkirk and Breville are awesome. The last couple of nights me and Rhino played and we kept saying you have to play as a unit to win these maps.


Yeah, I find Dunkirk and Breville a lot of fun, a real challenge. You really have to coordinate and move as a group to take and hold your objective. It’s hard but it’s very satisfying when you capture an objective !


Ya sorry. I’d post earlier but I never really k ow if I’ll be available.


We invented a new Insurgency mode tonight! (mostly my idea) I like to call it the “Mudspike Model 10 Mode” …

  1. You start out with an ancient (1894) Smith & Wesson Model 10 pistol (formerly know as the Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector, LOL … makes me laugh)

  2. You get to use the weapons of dead enemies

That is all. Patent pending.


Thanks for hosting LB. I felt like wrapping up early tonight, what with the annoying local interruptions that made me miss the first hour of play, I was already a bit tired.

See you guys next week!

Oh, and we missed Saghen today. Hope he’s back next week.