Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


Anybody interested in some Insurgency or DOI action Sunday night (9pm?)


Sure, I can make it … anyone else ?


I can try!


I might be down


I may not be at 9 but should be there tonight


Thanks for playing tonight, guys. It was nice to get some trigger time. DoI frustrating as usual. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone for anything tonight? Last minute know.

@Linebacker @saghen @Andrew116 @Prof @adlabs6

No guarantee I’ll be able to stick around but I should have some time shortly.


I was on Steam briefly last night but tonight 7 freekin’ updates to download … Insurgency WS, DoI WS, PUBG/PUBG Test, Sniper Elite 4, Argo and Payday 2 LOL … WTF? Should be on in a bit.


in a 4-man pubg right now


That’s strange because Bluehole introduced some crazy server lag bug in the last update … but wait for me! :slight_smile:


Rhino, what was that Discord channel you sent me for “6fr” or whatever? I accidentally erased it after I played some intense squad PUBG with them tonight until 2am, ouch!

There’s something really friendly about using Discord … I wish Mudspike would use it instead of Teamspeak.


Will pass you the link later when I’m on my PC.


Any chance we can play some addon maps in DoI for part of the evening? Getting fatigued with some of the stock ones.



Discord is convenient, something my teenage daughter turned me onto to.

Where is the info for the Mudpsike TS server? I would like to jump in some sessions if you have extra room.


The issue with adding those maps is that they disable the experience gain, which collectively we wanted to unlock more units.

#257 pass squawk


But as I said, part of the session. What’s the point of experience gain anyway, if we only play Sicily for 75% of our time?



Sounds good … I’ll try to get the server config’d for the following including a RETURN TO PS7!!! :slight_smile: (Prufstand 7 (including a night version)) …

El Guettar
Market Garden
Operation Arctic Fox
Operation Market Garden
The Catacombs

I only have 15 mikes though LOL … we’ll see …


I’d also be happy to experiment with that bot respawn setting at 120 seconds. It had been 40 by default, we tested and had some luck with 80 seconds.

The new maps sound interesting. See you guys tonight.