Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


A little OT here but I’ll be online tonight experimenting with Escape from Tarkov Beta if anyone’s interested in teaming up. Standard Version is $45us/$60cdn.


OK so I hadn’t watched the video yet and wasn’t interested. Watched the video… and like holy hell that looks awesome.

Only thing is not enticing is that there’s player progression which means more time played = better character = not great for me at the moment. But I will probably be online with you tonight because ya.


C’mon, Linebacker. Stop playing Escape for Tarkov for a minute and turn on the Insurgency server, please.


I’m probably not going to make it tonight. Waiting for tech support on the phone to tell me why I am getting a whopping 500kbps when I pay for up to 150mbps. I am not pleased!


god I hate rogers. 24-48 hours to “fix” whatever the hell they broke this time. I can literally load web pages slowly, and that’s about it. No video without a slideshow, images barely load (if at all). Sdngjsadnhsjdhknsadjhnsldh.


I hope that “Rogers Ignite” deal isn’t messing with your service Rhino …

Limited time offer: Download speeds upgraded from up to 150 Mbps to up to 1000 Mbps4 until Jan 2018**


No, that’s for new signups. It was literally just an area problem. Seems to be fixed.


@Rhinosaurus 's glitched crossbow pistol


The best part was when he reloaded he put the mag in from the top like the bren…


@Linebacker Here is what it looked like from my side lol


Um, that actually looks pretty good to me LOL! Here’s my shot …

I’m not sure what’s going on here anymore. :slight_smile:

You weren’t going blind … you were just in a dark section of the map.


That’s what it looked like to me as well. It was dark at that spot.


The screenshots are practically the same. I think the only problem is some people don’t have a secondary “game mode” set up for their monitor. I personally have a game mode that, amongst other things, bumps the brightness from my standard web surfing level of 20 up to 65 (out of 100).


“hax mode”


“using your hardware properly mode” LOL!


I believe this is appropriate for tonight…


Definitely “using your hardware inappropriately” mode. :grin:

Cool thing about that is he probably scored it off a dead tango. :+1: It looks like a kill house though so probably a prop but still pretty funny. :slight_smile: Just use your imagination.


So after Day of Infamy of all things started to crap out on us tonight, I’m thinking these games have “run their course”.

IMO we have to think about new and exciting ways to spend our Friday and Saturday nights! :grin:


I think Insurgency is fun. I like the variety of weapons and maps. I wouldn’t want to lose that.



Saturday night though … what to do with Saturday night? :thinking: