Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


I wouldn’t want to lose Friday night Insurgency either. We had a really good time this week, so I don’t think there’s a problem with Insurgency, at least that I can see.

Day of Infamy, I don’t know what to say. I didn’t have any performance issues with it last night, but I had serious performance issues with it starting around March right after an update. The problems got worse every month until around June. It would take me 2-3 minutes more than anyone else to load a map, so often you guys would be just finishing a map when I got in the game. By the third map I had lag, pauses and then lockups in game and then windows itself. So I decided I have to upgrade. I did so, new MB., I7 7700, 16 GB. of RAM and loading the game on a SSD.

Now no more problems, ever. Not surprised as DOI requires twice the memory I had in the old PC.Also It requires much more processor power, as my PC runs much hotter on DOI than Insurgency and far, far hotter than Arma 3. So having a powerful enough PC is part of the problem, and then the Bots endlessly spawning is another problem.

But I enjoy DOI. But I’ll go along with what ever is decided.


Please don’t read too much into my comment on Saturday about my perhaps not continuing with DOI. Certainly the feeling is nothing to do with your server, Linebacker, or your administration. The server you host for DOI is vastly more fun that what I’ve played on the official NWI servers.

My comments and feelings on this are aimed squarely at the game and it’s development path.

As saghen mentioned, I do enjoy Insurgency very much. It’s almost like a Friday highlight for me. And if others enjoy and want to play DOI, as we have been doing, I’ll be there. I enjoy the evening with the player group too much to miss it.


I really enjoy Friday night Insurgency with you guys. DoI is hit or miss for me though, but that’s a personal thing, some nights I’m just not feeling it. I wouldn’t be opposed to looking into other games… Saturday night Elite perhaps lol. But all that being said if we wanna keep DoI I’m cool with that too. Having @Linebacker’s server is awesome, sure we have the occasional hiccup but its really nice having a dedicated place with the same dedicated people.


I would do that! But then it would become “teach Linebacker how to play Elite” night LOL!

Seriously, thanks for the input guys. I’ll recheck and double check the DoI server parameters. Maybe something happened after our foray into “ranked status” territory. Hell, maybe we should go back there again!

I just got pissed off when we started having trouble with Entrenchment on Sicily of all maps!!! I started having framerate issues (22 fps? come on!) and then a game crash! Was it just me or did anyone else experience that?


I don’t want to give up on DOI entirely, but I’m getting tired and frustrated with it, as most of you are.

I would be open to playing other games. Maybe do DOI every other week and substitute in other games. I would suggest free to play games so it doesn’t exclude people that can’t/won’t buy a multitude of games.

If we were to do that, any suggest for free to play co-op with 6-8 player slots? There’s Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop, War Thunder (co-opish, but pvp). ?


I love DoI. Never really have any problems with it other than trying to find the server sometimes. Alt tab sucks too but aside from that I love that game. Prefer ranked mode.

I’d totally be down for elite night though too.

War thunder… Eh maybe. I am horrible at that for some reason.


Is Elite fun in coop mode?

Saghen, I’m not feeling Alien Swarm but this War Thunder you speak of looks interesting. (watching a gameplay vid now).

I actually prefer coop in pvp mode which is why I keep pushing PUBG.


Elite is defiantly more fun in coop, and I wouldn’t be opposed to teaching Linebacker night because I barely know anything myself.

I also have War Thunder and am terrible but I’m not opposed to giving it another try.

The DoI every other week could be a nice change.

Edit: I still wanna look at Player Unknown, seems interesting… I’ll have to delete something though to get it on the hard drive lol


Are we talking Elite Dangerous? that’s actually on sale right now at steam.


Yup … I actually have it but I only got as far as configuring my old X55 hotas for it and some tutorial stuff months ago. :slight_smile: I really liked what I saw though but it was the old “so many games, so little time” thing.

Does anyone have a sweet TM Warthog profile for it?


Yes we are. I think wings are limited to 4 so we’d have to play in 2 but that’s not such a big deal.


Saghen, Adlabs and I were just discussing all this, after Mon. night Amra 3 and talked about other possibilities. Looking at the complications with other options we all agreed that in our opinion, DOI is still the preferred option for Sat. night. Also it’s up to Linebacker as it’s your server. We were discussing that tweaking some of the AI settings might help a lot as well.


I’m having trouble understanding this … so wings are limited to 4 players so we’d have to play in 2 ships, 2 per ship? I dunno.


You NEED to look at PUBG! No matter how many players we’d get, it would still be a great tight-knit team coop time!

You HAVE to work as a team to win … that’s the beauty of PvP. In ArmA3 PvAI coop I usually go rogue every now and again (always) just to keep myself awake and have a good shooting time. Not so with PUBG.

@Rhinosaurus hooked me up with a good PUBG squad called 6th Force Recon and I’ve been having a great time with those guys ever since! But you guys are my brahs yo! :slight_smile:


No it’s like the squad setup in insurgency. Max 4 ships in a wing. So we’d set up two wings. We can all still go to the same places though.


You can also set up a private group and meet at a system. Private groups are just your group and AI with no public players. If you are just looking to learn, practice, and bounty hunt AI it can be an option without having to deal with the wing max.


Sounds fine by me! As I said, I’m an Elite newb so if someone could recommend a ship to start with I’d appreciate it. Also, I think it takes a while to get to a system so where should we meet if this thing goes down? :slight_smile:

Also, what about DLC … should I grab the Horizons and/or Commander packs?


Starting ship is a sidewinder. You get to replace it for free when you die. Any add-ons you purchase for it require you to pay insurance to retrieve after asploding.

Some people move to an eagle soonest while others save for a cobra (bigger sidewinder really) if they’re going combat. Hauler if they’re doing trading etc… There are myriad paths.

We would need to identify a system to meet in so people can move there.

Does everyone in the group even have elite though? I mean I’ll play either way but I’d rather we need fragment the group. If that means war thunder or something I’m cool with that.


Is it possible to have multiple concurrent “career paths” on the go in Elite? I think it would be kind of stupid to have to divert from whatever you’re currently doing to meet up at a certain system every Saturday night.


Well, I mean yes, you can have multiple paths in that sense that you can own as many ships as you can afford and tailor them to what you want to do. But no, you only get 1 “commander” per account, and where you are is where you are. If you want to go somewhere else, you have to fly there.

The exception being multi-crew in which people are in the same ship, but I haven’t touched that at all and don’t know how it works, really.