Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


I was under the impression that it can take hours of real time to get from point A to point B no? In that case, this one Commander thing would be a deal breaker for me.


Yes, it does take real time to travel in Elite. I’ve spent hours doing this, here and there. Depending on the ship, I’m between 5 minutes and 1 hour from Sol, most of the time.

My issue with Elite multiplayer is that it’s sort of paper thin. Every mission on the board is designed for a single player. If you are Winged, yes you do get a small bonus reward (IIRC, when I last was doing Winged cargo hauling for a CG, I got a 5% payout when the other cargo ship landed and sold the goods).

But for most gameplay roles in Elite, in a COOP sense it’s just players doing their own thing… together.

Then some CMDRs may not have ships or money or rank to really do well at the task others want to play.

Last night while discussing this, saghen said that I wasn’t doing a good job selling Elite. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, played more than 2 years now, am active in the current beta, and am eager for 2.4 to come on down. These things I mention are, IMO, quite real in spite of that.

As far as Saturday night, I’m still good for DOI. If we continue with it, I might submit some experimental Stronghold server settings to test with, one night, if Linebacker is good with that.


I understand… it just entered its fourth year of post-release development, though, and it’s SO better compared to the beginning.


I don’t have Elite. I don’t think Prof has it either.


Well I do have War Thunder and it’s big fun IF you don’t pretend to go downtown and win from the onset.
It’s more about being smart about what you do before you die…


No I don’t have it, it’s not my sort of game really.


Since everyone seems to be mentioning War Thunder, I’m downloading it now. 16GB! Not bad for a free game!

This review kind of convinced me …

I know it’s no simulation but it sure does look pretty, and easy to get into.


I’m patching now. 9gb remaining (bout 12 mins).


Let me know when you are playing WT, I have a fair amount of time in it. The tanks are great fun and highly recommended.

The planes are fun from a sheer “amount of types” standpoint. Grinding up to the ones you want to fly, not so much…


Totally with @Tankerwade here. Tanks are the best fun.


I’m sure Airplanerwade would disagree.


Since the OP suggested War Thunder for this Saturday Sept. 2nd at 9pm EST, that’s what I’m planning for. :grin:

I think @Rhinosaurus might be up for some WT testing this Thursday night after 9pm so I’ll be loitering on the Mudspike TS channel then as well.


Gyeah boy.

Well, long before I was thoroughly roped into Mudspike TacAir to forever fly with my nose in a manual and my desk scattered in checklists and maps, WarThunder pulled me back into flight sims for the first time since the early days of Windows XP and Combat Flight Simulator 3.


  • Viscerally appealing - the game looks good, sounds good, and definitely does a good job making you feel like you’re in a WW2 dogfight most of the time.

  • Variety - Quick, think of your favorite WW2 airplane. Unless you’re a tremendous nerd and get off selecting stupidly obscure pieces of equipment as your ‘favorite’, I guarantee you it can be flown.

  • Scalability - Realism scales between arcade mode, realistic mode, and simulator mode, depending on what flight equipment you have available and what your level of interest is.


  • Balance - The default half-deathmatch, half-target hunt game mode on a limited map grid size tends to bias certain kinds of aircraft configurations. Attackers, dive-bombers, night-fighters, and high-altitude fighters are all in the game and frequently get murdered because they’re tossed into the furball.

  • Corner Cases - Did you know that Japanese Zeros would frequently pull sustained 15G turns to cut inside an enemy’s turn circle? No? Well they do in Arcade mode. When realism is relaxed for the sake of gameplay, a whole slew of factors that played into the power dynamic of the various air forces and aircraft get thrown out the window. In real life the Flying Tigers knew you could dive your P-40 to get away from a Zero because your wings snapped at a higher airspeed. In WT Arcade the zero wins because planes have near-infinite structural strength.

  • The Grind - When I got into War Thunder some 6 years ago I could not wait to start flying my beloved Mosquito, doing daring low-level gun runs on those Jerry rotters. Then I realized the Mosquito was a Tier IV British plane. (Tier V are post-war jets, mostly). While I learned that most planes have something to love about them, it’s worth noting that I still haven’t flown a Mosquito in game.

Is it still worth giving a go? Probably :smiley:


I have a feeling we’re just going to be tanking in it anyway … and I mean the good pew pew tanking and not the utterly failing tanking … I hope. :slight_smile:


Sadly I probably will not be making this weekend lol


Might be around tonight but I still have to set up my controls.

I won’t be here Saturday unfortunately.


Some good War Thunder last night.

Linebacker will blame his mouse aiming interfering with his joystick or something, but I think he just likes crashing :wink:


Dang it.

Ok, my handle on War Thunder is Komemiute (what a surprise!).
PLEASE add me! :smiley:


Sure. Though timezones and such, as with all the other games we’ve wanted to play en masse.

Also we are bad.


Heheh, I found my people then. :stuck_out_tongue: