Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


playing DoI for a little bit @prof @saghen @Andrew116 @Linebacker @adlabs6


Did i miss an announcement or something? Nobody’s shown up for Insurgency tonight? Where are you guys?


playing DoI starting now till our usual time @prof @saghen @Andrew116 @Linebacker @adlabs6

unless someone convinces me to play something else.


I’ll be on the mudspike discord


we’re on ts


… and substitute Kenny with saghen


Day of Infamy ranked (and public) server on the American Campaign tonight at 9pm EST … be there :slight_smile:


While DOI did seem a touch quick and easy last night, the play was nevertheless huge fun. Thanks everyone!


Practice up on schwering in German because we’ll be doing the German Campaign on “Hard” this Saturday. :grin:

I also had a lot of fun last Saturday but we were just flying through the objectives … didn’t even have time to call arty on an objective before it was captured.

I’m even thinking about going Commando! (the Day of Infamy Commando playlist :slight_smile: … maybe the week after)


Sounds good ! I was on Public Servers for a little bit last night and was getting killed more often and quicker. More the way I remember it. Looking forward to this Saturday !


I was on pub servers last night too and was my usual MVP self, obviously.



Probably playing doi tonight


Thanks for the AAR Charlie Sheen. :grin: #WINNING

Hey Rhino, I ordered that Ignite promo today so I looks like the YYZ Tactical server is getting a HUGE internet speed boost for Saturday with that Gigabit service. As if 30Mbps down and 10Mbps up wasn’t enough … 1000Mbps!!! (I’ll be happy if I get half that).


Oh sweet. That the promo gigabit, or actual gigabit (as in permanent?)


I’m on TS btw


Because I have nothing else to do with my life, and am too tired to fly, I will be playing DoI again.

@prof @adlabs6 @Andrew116 @Linebacker @saghen @bonchie @discobot @DeadMeat


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@discobot display help.


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Darn, nothing about Curling @Rhinosaurus. You’re on your own this Saturday buddy.

I could do a fortune for you though … will Rhino do the things that make you win at Curling? @discobot fortune …