Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


See ya at DoI bro. :slight_smile:


Day of Infamy is getting a free weekend with some new content, including the release of Brittany as an official map. I expect new players to join us at least for the free weekend. No excuses! (I better not have something the weekend this happens lol)


Be there in an hour


So the YYZ Tactical server’s internet is lookin’ pretty good after my upgrade today! …


You can kind of hear the old server sizzle during the test LOL! Too bad the upload speed couldn’t be as fast as the download since it’s more important to have a fast upload speed for game servers but I’ll take it!

I was surprised the aged onboard network interface could handle the speed! I thought for sure I’d have to buy a gigabit enabled NIC. Thank you Nvidia for making a fine chipset! (nForce)


Paging @Rhinosaurus, to the server… paging @Rhinosaurus


Ya sorry. Tiebreaker was scheduled at 9. We sucked too much to start the game and dug a huge hole we couldn’t climb out of.


Hopped on this morning for a round on Crete… it went well even though we lost lol

76 - 2 - 2


That is impressive !


on doi until about 9:30 (can be convinced to play until 10) est.

@prof @adlabs6 @Linebacker @Andrew116 @saghen


I know I’m late but I’d jump on for a few if you still wanna play


This pretty much described our play in the beginning.


Until you know who showed up…


Too bad there isn’t a ‘dislike post’ button. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rambo … um, I mean Rhino. :wink:


Could all the “Insurgency guys” please subscribe to this Workshop item asap? …

Might be testing it in the very near future …


Yup, after some fun testing tonight, it looks like “The Armory Expanded with 35 Angry Bots” on Brutal difficulty is the way this Insurgency thing is going to play out until “Insurgency: Sandstorm” gets released.

EXCELLENT mod with A LOT of new toys to work with. Upon request, I’ve upped the supply points to 60!


Sorry I missed the action tonight. Went and watched football at a friend’s house.


@Rhinosaurus @Linebacker @Prof @adlabs6 @saghen

Anyone around tonight? I’d be down for some DoI or Insurgency… I’ll be free in about 15 mins.


I can probably play around 930est