Insurgency Fri. & DoI Sat. Nights | Mudspike Ground Ops


I’m on now, trying to find a server with the 35 Angry Bots. :slight_smile:


Prof found a server with the mod we’re on ts


How tonight went…


I found the Mod really fun, lots of new guns, etc. I saw a guy with a rifle shooting into the distance and a big explosion when the bullet hit ? Looking closer, there are land mines now, and he was shooting them and setting them off ! There are new maps as well that I thought were a pleasant change. Really looking forward to playing Insurgency with this Mod next Friday ! :slight_smile:


Ya, sometimes the little critters’ll get stuck up on a rafter or something. :slight_smile:


Free weekend is tomorrow to the 16th.

Brittany released. Shooting range released ( I guess this is useful if you’ve never played with these guns in any game before??)

Double exp.

So we’re skipping insurgency Friday right?

I feel like @fearlessfrog should pin this notice so we can attract new players too :wink:


Wait, who summoned me?


Noooo…we need to play angry insurgent bots

Plus, I don’t want to have to rage quit two days in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sicily on repeat.



I think Bonchie rage quit last session. As soon as the AI was edited, they became un-fun and Bonchie was suddenly gone without a word.


Oh, nice update from DeltaMike yesterday!!! …


MEDICS!!! Woohoo! That guy is pulling out all the stops with this mod. :slight_smile:

We have a choice of 8 player, 10 player or 18 player theaters. I think I’ll go 10 because 18+35 (angry bots) seems to be going over the unofficial limit of 48 total players (human+AI).


Ya, the problem is sometimes we get 10 players and the missions become too easy with so many troops so I increase the difficulty. Maybe I should keep the player count restricted to 8.


Is the medics plug in something separate or is it built in… also do I have to resubscribe to the workshop item to get the update?


After looking at the can of worms that the medic plugin/script seems to be, imma put that on the back burner for now. :slight_smile:

Still some nice updates to a nice mod. To show you the scope of weaponry, I’ve created a few pics …

Primary weapons …

Secondary weapons …

Explosives …

I left out the RPK and the RPG-7 because they didn’t fit in the matrix. :slight_smile:

I’m still unsure of what a Geballte Ladung, and Hafthohlladung is. :grin:


I was intrigued by the medic thing so I was messing around on another server with it, obviously I know nothing about the integration but it was pretty cool to be able to bring people back.


Ahhh, you can revive with it! Interesting … I’ll look into it as time permits.


Revive and heal… I didn’t get to explore it alot… my team dropped out on me after like 1 level.


Just imagine how many kills I can get if I’m revived all the time!


Like we’re going to revive you LOL! :grin:

Hell, you guys booted me off my own server one night. :grin: