Personalized Textures - The Outcome

Thank you for your amazing work, creating docs that everyone can enjoy.

Hope this is something you like!

So… how do I pass the Texture Folder to whom?


Of course- if there’s any variation you’d like/want… ask away! :smiley:

Also the pic is a quick & dirty snapshot… I reckon Sryan can do better! :smiley:

I don’t know. How big are they?

I would consider a MudSpike archive with all of the skins in it? Maybe?



Thank you , thank you.
@Fridge: Luckily I remembered how to IT and set up everything with Google Drive.
If all followed through @Sryan should have dowloaded the textures a short ago.

I’ll be downloading them in 4.5 hours when I have acces to my home computer again :smiley:


@Sryan. Good enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Fridge: The zip file is a hair above 10 MegaBytes. Nothing terrible…

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@Fridge: You’re in for a treat! :smiley:

yay! I love treats!

Disregard… I’m an Idiot

It’s all good :slight_smile:

Ok… almost there. Little mis-alignment to fix and it’s done!

No rush! I am patient :slight_smile:

Aaaand… done!
Should I post some pics or just Google-Drive you the folder?! :wink:

Both! :slight_smile:

@Fridge: PM sent with the Link to google drive folder and pics incoming…
I must admit- since there’s no official Template I lack a very important layer in models with curves.

Basically in every proper template there’s a layer with all the polygons “Unwrapped”. Here that’s lacking… I mean, there are still some small idiosyncrasies that I have to fix but as with Sryan I managed to sneak in an Easter egg or two. Nothing mind blowing- mind you. But I think You’ll like them.

Let me know.
And don’t worry as soon as the proper template will be released I’ll fix anything.
Plus as I said before- If you want anything changed, just ask! :smiley:


wow! That is amazing!


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edit: just noticed the pilots helmet, that’s a awesome detail!

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