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Thought Jason’s thread about past and future development for the series deserved its own thread.



Yes, I saw that for the first time last night, what a coincidence you post about it now.

I would classify his remarks as “cautiously optimistic.” Things are going well, but they are hardly secure and they still need more customers and more buy-in from the customers they do have.
If only people threw money at Il-2 (and DCS) the way they did Star Citizen.

People mull $15 for a Ju-52 but throw $100 (or a lot more) at a single spaceship for a game that barely lets you do more than test fly it.

Can you imagine if 1CGS had $100m to use on Il-2?


A man can dream… :star_struck:


Well, that’s definitely something.

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There have been a few updates since I posted this thread.




Interesting. I had not thought there would be that much of a paucity of information on the Japanese birds.
Of course, it could just be translated materials are while native are more prevalent, but if they can’t be found they’re not helpful.

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He mentioned Ugra, is that the same Ugra media that did the normady map for DCS?

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Posted a couple of weeks ago on February 24th.



We don’t need to. DCS charges close to those prices for some of it’s newer modules (Hornet, Tomcat), and the results are outstanding, and -to me- well worth it.

I’d happily fork over more money for IL2; especially if it let them expand into new eras of flight.

I’ll say it now: I’d pay $1,000 to have all the content in IL2-1946 brought to BoX standard. If that happened. It would likely be the best dollar-per-hour entertainment value purchase made in my life.

You know what? Life is short and you can’t take it with you; make it $2,000.

$5,000 if they brought SF2 content into the fold. Seriously. People have spent more to be less entertained and happy.

Yes but the math doesn’t work. If you charge 100x more, you don’t make 100x more. You may lose more than 99% of your customers and actually make less.

How many flyable planes did 1946 have anyway? 220 or so I think?

The BoX series has been 10 planes at a time. So that’s 22 titles. At $50 each, that’s $1100. However, the pricing has gone up so it’s now $90 for 10 planes. Take away the existing planes, and you’re still talking about $1700 or more just for those planes. And that’s in bulk, because they charge $20 each for collector standalones. At that rate, it’s $4000 for all of them.

Yet the time it takes to make one means they can’t do them appreciably faster than they have with their current team size. So they’d need to hire more to get them done before we all die of old age, which increases costs, which lowers profits per sale unless they increase the price yet again.

A vicious circle, which is why expensive schools dedicate serious thought to pricing. It’s not a trivial thing to determine.


Was not sure if Jason was ever going to post in his Briefing Room thread again. Some nice additional announcements regarding FC2.


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He was alluding to update #275 (Dynamic Visual Damage)



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