KMUD is moving...!

My KMUD project has not really panned out. I have to face the reality that I’m not a very good scenery designer, and KMUD hasn’t evolved into what I was hoping it could be. Therefore, I’m moving my operation to a pre-built scenery area where I can wring out planes in a more scenic environment.

The criteria was fairly straightforward:

  • Runway length greater than 8,000’
  • Both precision and non-precision approaches (ILS / RNAV / VOR-DME)
  • An island was preferable to keep frame rates high
  • Preferable near sea-level
  • Preferable minimal obstacles/terrain at least on the departure path

After digging around in my scenery collection. I came up with a few airports. The two that made the final cut are Oranjestad, Aruba (TNCA) and Montego Bay, Jamaica (MKJS).

Aruba has a 9,016’ runway with ILS / RNAV / VOR-DME / VOR approaches.
Montego Bay has a 8,735’ runway with ILS / RNAV / VOR-DME approaches.

Other contenders were Bonaire (TNCB), but it was axed for lack of a precision approach.

Likewise, I was interested in Bali (WADD), which boasted an NDB as well as other precision and non-precision approaches, but the nearby destinations were a bit farther away than I wanted.

I love my Twentynine Palms scenery (KTNP), but the runway is too short (5,531’) and it has no precision approaches (nor is it an island).

So in the end, it came down to Aruba and Jamaica. Here are some screens I took of the two contenders. Vote for where you think I should move…



  • MKJS - Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • TNCA - Oranjestad, Aruba

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not even a question

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Montego Bay gets my vote. It looks great, and I have flown there in the Challenger a few times. Plus, the Rum can’t be beat in Jamaica. :wink:

That is definitely a vote multiplier.

I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t pick up Montego Bay in the sale. It looks stunning.

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If I’m going for a good time, Jamaica. But if I am going to live there, I’ll take the dryer climate with the trade winds always blowing, fewer hurricanes, and the beautiful beaches of Aruba. Hurricanes are no fun.

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Jamaica around Montego Bay is kind of a scary area if you go outside the tourist areas. It kind of reminded me of the Western movies where there is a busy, loud saloon, and then a stranger walks through the swing doors and suddenly it gets so quiet that you could hear a in drop. Of course, Detroit can be like that too, without the sandy beaches!

Last time I was in Aruba…errr…way back in 2002…we abused the heck out of this Suzuki. Fun place.


Your pics of Corsica almost had me biting on that…

Been to both. Aruba by far and away. Jamaica gets by on reputation as far I am concerned.

Well, the good news about Aruba is that it is only a few minutes (well, 100 miles) flying to Bonaire…which I also happen to have…so I could practice RNAV and VOR approaches there…

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Corfu? I highly recommend that scenery even at full price. Exploring the island by helicopter takes that scenery to a whole new level that you just can’t appreciate fully in a fixed wing aircraft.

2002, the year I moved to the States. Seems like yesterday, and yet 16 years have passed. How did that happen?

Well, there’s always…


I was in Aruba 3 days ago. I don’t really understand what’s being voted on but it gets my vote…for something. It’s dry, brown, flat and windy. Not particularly pretty. But it’s safe. Jamaica is the opposite. But Jamaica is a hell of a lot more interesting culturally, musically and gastronomically.

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Despite your best attempts at biasing the poll (:stuck_out_tongue: ) I still voted Jamaica because… err… it’s Jamaica, mon!

There’s a song in here, I think…

Oooh I wanna take ya
To Bermuda, Bahama



Aruba’s closer to the food, er, I mean, Flankers.

That was pretty creative…!

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Good enough reason! Plus, I do like windsurfing and there aren’t too many places better than Aruba. But Jamaica and jerk chicken…mmm…