Thought about that, but that’d fit better if I was building a Mercury - Redstone or Atlas.


thats fair


I’m ashamed of myself. Just bought 3 LEGO Speed Champions cars today.


LEGO. Meth for functional adults.


I think meth is cheaper.


Doesn’t hurt as much if stepped on…


Really great model!


OMG! :star_struck:

I have never been able to forgive myself for not buying the earlier Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon…


…but it’s like $800…


…but it’s like the largest LEGO set, ever…



I know, I know… And not having anybody to judge me for buying it…

But dangit, this is SCUBA and flight training money. Or new video card. Or new skis.


I know…! It never ends, does it?


It is a nice set, I would love to build it again, but right now I have no place to put it.


Who am I kidding? I want it :slight_smile: But where to put it?


Yeah, the size is an issue here…
The advantage with LEGO is tha you can reduce it to rubble again, and rebuild at your leisure.
Yeah, I wrote that to justify buying it. :wink:


I wanted to buy Apollo V in Stockholm. The Lego attendants told me it sold out as soon as it showed up. They got another shipment witch sold in a few days too.


The Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower needs another 95 supporters by midnight, to be up for the next review, or it will have to wait another 3 months.


It is a cool idea and I would definitely get one, but I doubt whether Lego would pick it up. It’s basically only for people who already bought the Saturn V, making this commercially a set with a very limited range. Also considering that it is physically even larger than the rocket with a higher piece count, the set on its own right is not that remarkable.

Still, would be awesome to display the Saturn V with the launch tower.


Rumors are that the set is to be discontinued. The demand has been so huge that they basically have already sold the entire lifetime production run.


I don’t think it will be produced either… But it would be cool.
The Saturn V was said to be produced until the end of the year.

One thing I think LEGO should do, is release a variant of their ‘pick-a-brick’ system called ‘pic-a-kit’ ordering system. You make your own kit in one of the LEGO CAD systems, and upload the bricklist to the LEGOshop. A bot collects your pieces and send them to you.
You could even do this for discontinued kits.
I bet they could do it if they wanted to.
I’m guessing there are some obscure marketing reasons for not doing it,