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First Time poster… Was just on the leatherneck site and clicking the coming soon link on the leatherneck projects page would redirect to this 404 page : VMFA-531… F-4s?


Welcome to Mudspike @GlideSlope! :mudspike:

Nice find.

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Ehhh…don’t know about that F-4… somebody did image analysis of the coming soon pic over on the ED Forums … looks like a P-38 fam

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Hasn’t that been back there since before the Tomcat was announced?

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the real question here is what Tomcat news will come out from Heatblur shortly after this announcement of a pre-announcement. The hype attempt is admirable though.

Like I know. :laughing: :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

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So, the clue is a geometric shape. When I think of geometric shapes in relation to aircraft, only one springs to mind and it is no longer in service. Wishful thinking maybe.

When I see the cube…I was thinking “outside the box”…but that’s just me…

XF-85 confirmed.


See I was thinking that was a airshow box…

Yak-55 confirmed?


Hint 4?

That looks like an aerobatic routine to me… @smokinhole?

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Over on the REDDIT/Hoggit forum, the consensus seems to be the Super Galeb.

Light Strike/Aerobatic jet

Personally, not a purchase I see making if true.

Why the super galeb? I don’t see the hints for that.

LNS devs made a comment about it being a Super bird, there was a picture of an aerobatic pattern, the grainy picture is supposedly an airbase in Serbia, and I believe their in house MiG driver is also Serbian.

I think it’d be a nice AI aircraft in game for Balkaning, but I can’t see myself ever flying it.


Super Galeb would be a waste of manhours. Only Serbs and completionists would buy it.

Theres many more jets that are thuper; super sabre, super etendard are tqo that come to mind…

Well, the latter is present a lot in the DCSW community so… maybe it is worth it.

…says the guy who owns half a dozen modules just because they are there and hasn’t flown those more than one hour each…

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Its not a waste of manhours if the Serbian Air Force has already paid in advance for it or signed a contract. We probably wouldn’t have the A-10C without ANG sponsorship.

That said, my wallet isnt interested either.

That makes sense Wade, or it would if it weren’t a plane built in a limited run for a very small, very poor little airforce back in the early 80s. those things are ancient if they are at all still operational.