Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II



They’re still in use by the Serbian Airforce and have been kept up to date, apparently.


Please don’t give people ideas about putting the Entendard in the game…


…but Falklands…



1977 eh? First flight of both the MiG-29 and the Mi-26.

So probably the huge helo?

The ZX Spectrum loading screen, before the 20 tape error:


I love their teasers…really…love them. They just add something to this whole process…


If we’re being brutally honest, I think this is the first actually decent one this week. I hope the rest make sense once it’s revealed.


Also the EF-111.


The force is strong with this one


What if we’re all off the mark and each teaser is for a separate aircraft?


I hope it’s a Cessna Grand Caravan.



Not sure where you are getting 1977. According to Wikipedia the Spectrum was released in 1982. You know what else started in 1982?

Yep - Guerra de las Malvinas. Super Etendard confirmed.


The descriptions of the video had this:

In the meantime, we found this old Spectrum game we thought it’s going to be useful. Unfortunately, we could not load it properly. All we can say for sure is that text on the tape reads “1977”. Maybe you can help finish the loading sequence by guessing our new aircraft coming to the DCS World!


Shamelessly stolen from reddit


Better get your hopes down, because it is probably this:

Someone on the ED forum connected to dots:

The aircraft already came up a couple of months ago when the M3 modeler posted some pictures on this website:

I bet now you hope it’s the Super Galeb :slight_smile:


Wait guys what was hint no. 5?

  1. “Super Bird”
  2. Aerial Recon Photo
  3. Picture of Box/Cube wire model
  4. Diagram in ED Forum Profile
  5. ???
  6. 1977 Spectrum Video

At least it’s the best tease in DCS history yet. Wouldn’t wonder if they put in the effort and released some false leads…


If it’s really that it’s a bit of a let down for me.
A great product for sure but…


Hint 5 was hidden in Rudel’s profile page:

“Hint 5: 1970s”


With Hellfires


Hoggit’s all over that but I’m not entirely convinced.

  1. How does that match up with the VX Spectrum / 1980’s game theme?
  2. I don’t think that’s matching up with “SUPER BIRD” (hint 1) too well either. Alright, the Eagle’s impressive, but that seems like a shaky connection.
  3. On M3’s part, this is an awful lot of hype and silence for what seems like it would be a pretty simple project if it were a 1970’s acrobatics plane.