Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II




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(stolen from hoggit)


Firefox the movie was released in 1982


Firefox would be great if we have Clint Eastwood sound files. :slight_smile:
How about the F-20/-5G? We have the other F-5 already, it’s a late 70s bird, and actually sounds interesting…


“You need to think in Russian…”


I’m not buying that screen grab at all…


A mig-25 would by my dream aircraft, although the maps are currently a tad small for them.


We’ll need @smokinhole to write the review.





I mean… ok but… but…913


Just like with the YAK announcement I keep checking the date to see if it is April 1st.


Why not, is another way to look at it?



Called out on reddit: If you enable closed captions at the end it reads:

(Confused cricket sounds in background)

…I really can’t tell if they’re serious or pulling our collective leg.


Uh. Interesting choice. Honestly - I’d argue a Cessna 172 would have been better.


Me too. I mean, great if they have a contract and are building this for someone with some side residuals. But unless it is a learning tool for them for development…it seems like an odd choice.


Could be lots of fun in VR ?:wink:


Actually no it’s not. There is no compelling reason to put an acrobatic biplane in a combat sim. If this is their plan then P3d awaits.


Man, the youtube comments on that launch video are really angry. Never read the comments…


Well, they have the right to produce any module they want, and obviously ED approved it, but I don’t see this being a top seller.

And at least when ED announces the yak they just came out and said it.

Maybe it’s free?


Interesting, I don’t know why DCS though. If the physics implementation of this is good then I might get it. could be fun.