Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II



Or maybe it’s all a setup. Next video will be F111 carpet bombing eagles on the ground.


As an amateur troll myself, you have to admire the pure professionalism of the trolling though? It’s like watching Messi curve it into the top corner, while I struggle to huff my way down the park. Pure troll-mining like this only comes out so rarely. It’s a form of beauty in itself…


Yeah, it is an odd choice. With this and the Yak I wonder what the going price is for a ‘build me a module’? I’m feeling @Bogusheadbox hitting the bitcoin and then dreams coming true…


The memes have started.


I’m seriously struggling to to figure out what their target audience and market is for that plane…


Of the Bravest, most Courageous, most Decorated warplane of them all:


Yeah…you’d think people have grandmas on life support that were depending on this decision. LOL. To me it’s a “meh…they are either pulling our leg or this is just something (like WW2 content for me personally) to not be excited about…but there is plenty of other stuff to be excited about…”

Certainly nothing to get angry about other than being miffed about the MiG-21 delays in fixes (if you have been waiting for them…)


The old stringbag, I would love this plane. I sunk countless ships in Il2 with it, flying out of Malta in some Dynamic campaign. Happy days

But are they serious about this crop duster ? I would pay more for a Lysander or Storch


If you count the pistol, that has two weapon systems on it @Tankerwade - are you crazy, you’re losing the acrobatic market? :slight_smile:


I don’t think this excuses the rampant sense of entitlement present in the online community, but I think this will be a valuable lesson in managing community expectations.

I don’t think a acrobatic bi-plane is a great choice for commercial success, but I’m not going to judge passion projects.

I do however think that this would have been better just announced and left it at that. I don’t think trying hype it over the period of a week, ratcheting up expectations, especially when the community has convinced itself it’s starved of a specific type and era of aircraft, was a good move.


I’m now picturing Wags watching all this stroking a white cat in a big leather chair and thinking “Hmm, so that’s what they want for the next aircraft, let’s do that one”. Genius! :slight_smile:


Well, they could always add flour sacks to it and we could have those flour bombing competitions…


This picture sums up Magnitude’s position at the moment:



And it could be that. I’ve scratched my head at many an airplane released for FSX/P3D where I’ve wondered - “why would they want to make that”…and sometimes it just has to do with access and/or having flown one or been fascinated with one from childhood. Lots of reasons. That doesn’t make them good from a sales standpoint, but if that’s what they want to do…


In fairness to them, aerobatics is a pretty popular thing within the community. Some of the biggest online events feature aerobatics teams and it seems like half the DCS videos on Youtube are of somebody doing aerobatics. Community expectations probably caught them by surprise but they are obviously very passionate about the project.

More power to them. It doesn’t cost me a thing and it will be there if I want to try something different.


Something seems odd about this whole thing. I mean…even the preview video is not very good. Kind of stuttery, and some odd editing choices. It really does seem more like a troll than a genuine thing.


Yep, that’s my idea too. Or perhaps some study tool they’ve made, readily available data on this aircraft to test how well you can implement certain physics in DCS. But, that’s all speculation.


I feel pity for the guys at M3. Obviously they are passionate about the aircraft and were very excited to tease it. Then when people started to getting the idea where the hints lead to, it quickly became clear that this module would be received very differently than they expected. How must they have felt in the hours before the announcement?

The timing is also super unlucky for them with this appearing almost simultaneously with the Yak-52.

Personally I am pretty indifferent about it. There are a lot of kick-ass modules in development, more than I will have time for. Skipping yet another one is no big deal. The only sad thing is that this developer could have been an opportunity to get another Cold War classic. After all they made the MiG-21. One successor of the MiG-21 team made the Viggen and the Tomcat, the other the Christen Eagle II…

Or perhaps this is one big spoof after all :slight_smile:


I don’t think it is a prank. Either that or a ‘why don’t we fly to the moon, and then we can film the fake landing there?’ sort of epicness.


Release and price info:

Why did we choose the Christen Eagle II?

What started as a technology test-bed for propeller aircraft and multiple cockpit codebase, turned in the end into a full fledged aerobatics aircraft simulator. Our primary goal with the Eagle was to create a groundbreaking prop-engine flight model to be used for our WW2 aircraft.

What will be the price of Christen Eagle II module?

The expected price of Christen Eagle II is 29.99 $.

What is the expected release date of Christen Eagle II module ?

We plan to release Christen Eagle II in late Q1 of 2018.