Magnitude 3 LLC Christen Eagle II



So I was pretty smack on with a tech test platform. Can’t fault them for releasing it for some money but, the whole teaser thing should have been left out. Just say “hey, we are going to sell this tech demonstrator we’ve made for ourselves”.


See. Stringbag confirmed.

These have rockets on them…


Meh. If it is fun to fly I’ll probably get it one day. If they lower the price a bit.
No hate here I guess they just love the plane?
I welcome all new planes in DCSW I am just not very excited for it.
Hoping the next plane is more interesting. :slight_smile:


Well it’s not a bad move as a test bed. There are thousands of pilots out there who have flown them, including me. It’s very similar to a Pitts S2-A but easier to fly and enjoys slightly less performance. Props flown in even a remotely “extreme” manner are a real weakness in all sims that I have flown, as I have mentioned ad nauseum elsewhere. This is a cheap way to correct that without getting out into the weeds over an FM debate with something like a P-47.


Yeah. I’m no where near invested enough to be actually upset about this. I think this could’ve been handled better, and I’m simply not interested in the Eagle, but I’ve got no ill will towards M3 over this.

I’d like hoggit to calm itself down and check it’s privilege though.


I mean, if you think about it this will be the most theme appropriate plane for flying over Las Vegas, or any of the smaller strips, in the game.

Agree though, the scavenger hunt was very unnecessary.


Odd choice? Yep!
Prank? Could be.
Will I buy? YOU BET!


Sold myself on it too, if it’s going to be accurate then it could be a fantastic trainer!


fine we got the bird, now how about that birdcage image


The quality of the video and presentation overall is sub par compared to some of the other in-development 3rd party choices coming down the line. In addition, I can’t really get behind purchasing another aircraft from a company that still hasn’t fixed a lot of outstanding issues with their first release.

It definitely is a bold choice and maybe too bold given what DCS is. However, It may open the door to DCS becoming something more than just a combat simulator. My problem with this is that I would hope that ED will complete their vision of DCS becoming a high-fidelity, complex, combat simulator before they jump into the realm of civilian aviation.


I agree about the price though. Dozens of current DCS users fly these things. Building one in your hangar probably takes less time than coding a complex jet module. The Eagle is as simple as white rice and the price should reflect that. $5 maybe? Then use the feedback to build a prop which actually interests the community and have it be the first to fly like a real prop.


If they implement the ability to stand up in the cockpit and fire a bazooka over your tail at a pursuing plane, I will get it.


The price is in the FAQ link above

The expected price of Christen Eagle II is 29.99 $.

…so about half the price of a normal module, as a launch price. Pricing dilemma of small market, small demand can’t square away with a small price.

The hype aside, I can see it on sale perhaps down the road and then fun to mess around with.


I’m going to wait for a sale with a deep discount before buying this one.

The Swordfish on the other hand would be a day 1 purchase for me. My younger brother used to work on them for the Royal Navy Historic Flight.


I’ll get just because it will be the first DCS plane that I am familiar with. Knowledge makes bit**ing far more enjoyable.


You gotta acknowledge they know how to draw attention. I’ll give it two weeks to check this is for real :sunglasses:


Hey. Remember when we were talking a few weeks ago about how DCS has poor modeling of edge of the envelope / beyond the envelope handling characteristics of prop planes?

I think maybe M3 wouldn’t mind having another subject matter expert beta test. :sunglasses:


Let’s see if they are joking first :thinking:

Anyway, I doubt that the module process overrides the underlying physics baked into DCS. I am not very good at SME beta-testing. I did a bit of that with the X-Plane x737 and after awhile I felt like I was distracting them more than helping them. What I can do with this (if this isn’t a joke) is provide some FPV video to explain what’s so unreal about DCS. Maybe it could help.


WOW!!! Reading the comments around the community…This thing has caused more Flames than The L.A. Fires!!!


It’s a serious business @Phantom88 :wink: