Motorcycle Racing Sim/Game Thread

Discuss Motocross, Supercross, MotoGP, World Superbike, or any other type of motorcycle racing simulation or game here.

I see that the same developer for MXGP3 has a new Steam title called Monster Energy Supercross. The reviews are mixed comparing it with MXGP3 and the physics of each. At $50, I’m sure glad that @Linebacker linked the $15 MXGP3 version :slight_smile:

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Everything I’ve read about that game says it is terrible.

I don’t know. I’m still in the honeymoon phase. I haven’t done a proper race yet, so I can’t comment on the AI. But for a $15 sale price, it’s good enough to tool around hotlapping.

That was @saghen’s link. I’m just along for the ride. :slight_smile:

Anyone remember the old Microsoft motocross games? I think I played the demo for the second one and all I did was try to make ridiculous jumps in order to get the avatar to fly off the bike.

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I got about 1.5 hours in MXGP3 this afternoon. Well, the first 30 mins. was setting up one of my PS4 controllers, instead of the Xbox controller. The reason is that I have 4 x PS4 controllers, two of which never get used. Once that was done, I probably spent another 30 mins trying to get comfortable with the controller setup. I put the settings in Pro mode, because I tend to ride a gear higher than what the AI thinks should be the correct gear. Probably because I raced 450s and they tend to work better in the mid range than top end, like a 250 would.

So with manual shifting and what the software says is pro physics, I began hot lapping the two Compound tracks. Once I got over using a gamepad to ride a dirt bike, I discovered that MXGP3 is a lot of fun. Seriously.

There is also a lot of unknown. I think I feel that I am shifting my weight forward during braking and turning and back when accelerating like one would want to do riding a real db, but need a lot more seat time to make any kind of accurate review. The acceleration and braking physics seem to be pretty good, in that if I am in too low a gear while taking off from a jump, I get an appropriate lack of acceleration up the face and short distance in the air. If I pick the right gear, there is a pretty rewarding midrange grunt, followed by an increase in height and distance of the jump.

Steering was a challenge, but got easier when I learned to let the input return to center, rather than over-correct in the opposite direction. Another thing that I like is that I can apply a small amount of braking while staying on the gas, to scrub off a little speed when approaching a turn too hot. Trail braking with the front brake. I do have braking unlinked, but using mostly front brake at this point.

Edit: I think that the sensation of speed is really well done and the game is running very smooth with no crashes so far.

Anyway, pretty pumped with the bang for the buck quotient, and glad that I didn’t read the reviews before pulling the trigger. I’m really curious about their MotoGP games now, but perhaps not at the $49.95 price point.

I think that we are going to have some fun with MXGP3.

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I’m so glad someone started this thread because I’ve been thinking about getting back into motorcycle simming. My last bike sim was GP500 by Microprose. Back in the day I motored on with a generic joystick. Newer bike sims have a lot of actions: lean left, right, back, foward, preload, front brake, rear brake, say hello, shoot a bird, etc. so I decided to stick to 4 or more wheels for my racing. Having seen a few vids of the Isle of Man racer and some of the newer stuff, I have the itch…

My big question is: What are you guys using for controls? I have a Warthog and it is not the same as a generic joystick.



I have this and seems to work fine.

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PS4 controller, because I already owned 4 of them and perhaps there is some synergy with my gaming console, vs using the Xbox one that came with the Rift. I’m not sure that it really matters, although MXGP3 came configured for the Xbox controller. With Steam, you can probably configure any controller. CH Products Fighter Stick anyone? Might have a nice long steering throw compared to a gamepad.

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I’m interested in a good GP bike sim. Suggestions?


I have an older version from the MotoGP racinig game franchise (13 I think). It’s quite nice.

In the past, I also played Motocross Madness and Moto Racer. Great fun.

The main issue have with motocylces in games is that I have huge problems to get a feeling for the bike. It’s nothing like riding bikes for real. I use XBox pad on PC and I miss things like counter steering, shifting my weight into the corner and feedback from the handle bars. I guess this is hard to simulate :wink:

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The real deal, just for reference :slight_smile:

This looks interesting … MotoGP 18 releasing June 7th …

I did a brief search for reviews on MotoGP 17 on Youtube and wasn’t impressed but Milestone finally dropped their in-house game engine and went with Unreal 4 for this one like they did with one of their other titles that we’ve been enjoying … MXGP3. The physics seem smoother too (leaning wasn’t so smooth in previous iterations for example).

Anyway, I bought an Xbone controller for MXGP3 and was kinda looking for a Road Racing sim for it so I might check it out.

I had my eye on that as well, but I don’t know if I’m in for full price. Probably wait for a sale.

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Yup, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t even know how much it costs for the pre-order. I’m definitely going to check out the reviews first.

Guys! Have you seen this?


Aw- gawds.

Looks okay’ish I suppose but no counter steering, that would be the most awkward driving session ever if you’d try it.

Also, why the hell play the same guitar loop on repeat for 10 minutes. That really annoyed me in that video :stuck_out_tongue: