MSFS VR - Everything you NEED to know! | HP REVERB G2 & RIFT S

On three hour legs, when I see the left seater looking out the window to the left, I enjoy just minutely tapping the right engine prop RPM every twenty minutes or so to de-sync them and make the flying pilot wonder what is going on…



You Sir, are a very bad man! :rofl:


So, I’m sure this is common knowledge, but I only learned this yesterday after watching a YouTube video review. The reviewer mentioned he was getting a lot of choppiness and someone commented that he probably had the rolling cache on. Due to my rural internet connection, I have always had the cache selected on. Well, even with a less than great connection, turning off the rolling cache has made a very noticeable difference in VR. Far fewer stutters. I have even been able to crank up my settings a bit more.


So, I think I’m doing this correctly but how do you ensure that you are running OpenXR?

I have the OpenXR app open. And I start MSFS from the desktop which opens Steam, but I presume not Steam VR.

Is there a run preference per program selection somewhere?

It’s a bit academic really. Since the last patch I can’t get MSFS to run well in 2D, much less
3D. :crazy_face:

At the moment it’s just a on/off per ‘stack’ for OpenXR. If you’re WMR then it will default to use that unless you change it. If you do change it then starting the WMR Portal app will show a blue bar at the top that asks if you want to change it back to their stack.

If SteamVR/OpenVR then it’s a new setting here, which shows the current one being used:

Generally for MSFS, if you have WMR use the Microsoft one, if you have an Index/Vive then use the Valve SteamVR one.

Hmmm, thanks? :rofl:

Sorry, but you lost me somewhere after, “At”.

So with a Reverb 2. If I open the OpenXR first,
it will default to that. I didn’t see where in WMR it allowed me to pick one or the other.

Still, my new 3090 runs this like sublogic, so I think that this is not my biggest problem.

I almost can’t find a level of detail low enough to run this sim smoothly over central Jersey. Much less an actual city.

But about 50ft above the water, it runs as
smooth as silk.

Gonna try to roll back drivers. I’m sure that
will work out famously!

Thanks for the help!

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Yep, for a Reverb 2 and WMR, if you’ve not changed it then you’re good. It will be using the default WMR one.

Some MSFS VR settings tips here - My VR Settings & Tips

For a 3090 I would set in-game Render Scaling to 100 and then use the OpenXR Dev tool to just turn OFF the ‘Custom render scale’ setting, plus try it with reprojection set to always OFF, although some people like/hate that so a personal thing.

Nvidia drivers and VR seem a mess. I’m still rocking 457.30 but on a 2080, so not sure if it helps the 3XXX line so much. For me it works much better, not in pure fps but just in smoothness.

For the last update (actually since World Update 3 / UK) it seems like the ‘Terrain Level of Detail’ is killing things, so try that at 50 and if ok creep it up to 100 - there seems to be a performance issue with the photogrammetry for a lot of people.

Thanks man! I have actually read every post
in every thread you’ve written about the subject…but your magiks haven’t worn off
on me.

I’m getting stuttering over central jersey with graphics set to low end, Online Connectivity set
to off and Roaming Whatever disabled.

It’s a slide show. What makes it more weird is that I just hopped over a ridge to the east of Old Bridge airport and, bam, smooth. Turned around, choppy. Dumped down in a shallow river
valley, smooth. Popped out, choppy.

IL-2, Elite no issues whatsoever. GPU never gets over 80C from what I can tell.

It’s a mystery!

Thanks for the help though.


PS, I hate mysteries. :laughing:

EDIT: I should mention…this is all in 2D. On goggles, it’s worse!

Oh man, that sounds annoying. :expressionless:

I know you’ve probably tried this, but could be worth a go:

  • Rename your ‘Community’ folder, just to clean out any add-ons.

  • Reset your scenery cache. Options / General / Data - make sure the cache is ‘Manual’ (Rolling Cache set to off) and use the ‘Delete Rolling Cache File’ as well - it’ll use any old data until it’s removed, so maybe a bunch of bad data in that area?

Debugging and support for MSFS on the PC is a bit of a nightmare, as it’s a combination of CPU / GPU / Drivers / OS patches / Network Connectivity / plus all their online services for weather/scenery/traffic/voiceATC and then just plain sim bugs - it’s basically a test matrix from hell. :smiling_imp:


Well, I was looking for a hobby. :laughing:

I actually had dumped my cache; less because I knew what I was doing and more because I tried all the other buttons.


The launch of DCS 2.7 Beta seemed like a good reason to postpone any DCS plans I had, and finally try MSFS in VR. (I only fly stable release version usually)

Ryzen 5 5600X, GTX 1080Ti here.

I had some trouble getting MSFS to work. Rant/debugging experience log here

Hadn’t flown MSFS since the Christmas holidays, and I had some updates to run. However, at some point during the downloading and unpacking of updates, the sim crashed. I tried everything: Reset/ Repair / Reset again, uninstall, re-install, repair, reset, repair, reset.

Finally (after taking a backup), I decided to just delete the full Packages folder that contains all the stuff MSFS downloads (everything except the 8GB program itself, basically).

Well, that did it. Re-did the basic bindings (stick and rudder, throttle, prop, trim, mixture, flaps, gear), and went flying.

MSFS in VR with this setup is amazing, but still very much an exercise of self-restraint. You simply cannot have high definition clouds, and no jaggies, and readable cockpit, and no stutters over a big city.
In my completely subjective experience, turning down building detail and object detail helped a lot, and allowed me to up the clouds some.

I did it because mountain scenes were already OK but my hometown was causing a big hit on frames, and that is mostly buildings and objects.

Using Samsung Odyssey, I currently switch between 70-80 resolution scaling, TAA on,rest of the settings mostly default except as aforementioned: higher cloud setting, lower buildings and objects. No changes in OpenXR Tool, except setting reprojection to automatic.

@fearlessfrog maybe I should try dialling back terrain detail as well, but I like the orthophotos so much!


Absolutely agree. Because I tend to do tube-liner stuff on MSFS, with so much time up high, then I can just about get away with it in VR, as it’s pretty much on the edge of being good.

One thing to pin some hope on is that the Asobo team are currently pretty much 100% dedicated to trying to nail the upcoming Xbox release. From what they said so far, that has been an extreme exercise in optimization and performance improvements. It seems really likely that any core restructuring to make it work well on a console will actually help the PC version as well. I remain optimistic about performance improvements (and from a knock on impact for VR performance as well).


I could go on and on about the last hour I spent with the Aerosoft CRJ in VR trying all kinds of VR settings (in game stuff) and trying to argue with myself over looks versus performance. :rofl:

It was weird (or not) because I could continue to turn on features and up the details and stuff…and did find some great visuals and performance…but on the airfield itself I was getting just the tiniest tiniest perception of rubberbanding. Not gameplay breaking…and weirdly…it was smooth rubberbanding…not jerky. Just perceptively. If I could squash that with the high details settings I have…I’d be in heaven. It goes away (or at least I think it does) when I’m airborne…so it must be a low level texture or rendering or something. I dunno… Will post some CRJ photos in the “Through the Lens” topic while my son is at soccer practice in a bit…

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Can you imagine tha’ day when all flightsim VR is like Aerofly?


To be honest, when I have MSFS working well in VR I think it is breathtaking. AeroFly FS is a great VR experience though.

If I could bring all my awesome X-Plane aircraft into MSFS I would move my Air Hauler company to MSFS…but I just have soooo many great aircraft (and ortho and scenery) that I think it will be quite some time before I abandon X-Plane. It would be really nice if both X-Plane and MSFS worked as easily as they do in Aerofly. It is nice that it “just works” without any fiddling…

For me, this last patch seemed to change things for the better.

Flying around the San Francisco area in VR, I was impressed by how smooth the sim was running. I really need to decide on a test regimen however. MSFS seems very picky on performance at times. Flying around NY/NJ seems challenging while the LAX basin runs smoothly.

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This one I think - Render Scale to 200% Helps VR?

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