Mudspike Country Club


Nice…! That was the tournament that got my confidence up…I think I shot -9 in the first round and went on to win the tournament. Then I think I missed the cut in the next tournament… :rofl:


Ya, Summerlin is a pretty friendly course.


So the roundup for my PGA Career thus far:

T97 The Golf Club Open
DNQ Champions Invitational
4th Transatlantic Championship (Alternate)
1st Shriners Hospitals for Children Open
CUT Tall Palms Classic (shot a 76)
T4 Green Hill Classic
T16 Juno Cup
T5 Reverie Open

So I’m sort of all over the place. Only one trophy from the PGA Tour in my cabinet (Shriners). Getting ready to start the Waste Management Open…


Pretty good. You’re a fair bit ahead of me even accounting for the longer tournaments I’m playing. Gonna have to catch up.


I’ll change mine to four round tournaments. I had them set to two rounds but I think I’d like for them to be longer…might give me a chance to pull back. That last tournament I clawed back from about a 7 stroke deficit but ran out of holes…


I enjoyed my two best rounds on Faxon Park last night, under par on each round, closing out my tournament nicely.

A contributing factor was switching to Pro clubs. They are only slightly more challenging than Beginner clubs, but most importantly their longer drive distances leave me with shorter (and for me, more predictable) iron shots landing on the green.


Yeah, I switched to Pro clubs a few tournaments ago and I like them pretty well. I’m finally edging out 300 yard drives, which puts a lot of Par 5s in reach for eagle opportunities. They are a bit less forgiving with regards to accuracy, but, just like the real game of golf, I find my accuracy improves if I play consistently. All I know is that I’m thrilled to death when I par the first hole in any tournament because that is usually the disaster hole I struggle with as I’m trying to find that first little bit of swing tempo.

I’d be interested to know what exactly the XP points are doing for me - anyone have a link that shows what affect they have on the player performance?


I didn’t know we could do this too:

“Users can now compete in head to head or 3-4 player Skins matches , wagering points or by putting their virtual currency on the line.”


After a disastrous start, jumping straight into the Mudspike tournament without really having a clue what I was doing, I thought I had better get some practice in before tackling the final round.

Something with my putting seemed to click today and I finished a round 3 under par :sunglasses:. Lets hope it continues…


Another good round!


Started off a bit strong (for me) with the first round being a little all over the place but ending at least being on the right side of par for a change.

Round 2 I cut bad holes to a minimum, but just made worse mistakes on the ones I did screw up. Thankfully I was able to hit a 41ft eagle putt to negate those truly bad holes and again on the right side of par.

Then round 3 happened. While not absolutely horrid I understand why they ask for silence on real golf course as my now home from school children were screeching about and gave back both my good rounds at once and then some with a +4. They were being obnoxious enough that even in their rooms I forgot to get a screen shot.

Then for the final round. Their screeching continued (they were playing mario bros and apparently think that’s how yoshii’s talk) So it wasn’t going swimmingly to begin with but then this happened.

After declaring it unplayable, and my only option being to play it directly behind a tree behind the stand yet again I proceeded to… hit it right back in the same damn spot. After just smashing the ball into the fence a few times for the hell of it, then declaring it unplayable yet again, I hit it on the green this time but I was already at +7 for the hole. and Finished the round with a +11 for an overall of +13

I [email protected]#[email protected]#$ hate golf (also as soon as I was done the kids stopped play mario bros…)


Is the next Mudspike event already available? I’ll have to check tonight. Been a bit busy at work and haven’t been able to play a round in a few days (that means a double-bogey is assured on #1)…


Yes it is available, I started it today.


LOL! Indecipherable greens, for me. They got me every time! Very Challenging.


The putting still has not come together for me. Trying to watch the golfer animation to gauge power still feels alot like a guess.


Hmm…I parred the first hole and thought I was on a good round…then promptly bogeyed the next. Weird round. Two eagles, three bogies, and a couple birdies. -4 through the first round…I know some have finished the whole tournament so I probably have a lot of ground to make up. Winds were from calm to 7 or 8mph which was a nice variety…

I blame my erratic play on the fact that my news shoes and shirt don’t match. That watch might be throwing off my swing too… :wink:


Ugh…a horrible second round. I swear, the par-3s on this course are killing me…bogied three out of four of them…and no eagles on this round to bail me out. A dreadful three over 75 round… More tequila may or may not help… :thinking:


OK - tequila definitely helped. As did putting Pandora on in the backround and just rocking out throughout the round…haha…

Managed a -5 round for the third round with a nice string of eagle, bird, bird, bird, eagle. Would have been -7 but I put one in the water on the 18th. I had the ball above my feet for my second shot and stupidly did not account for the left pulling tendency there…argh!

Almost hit a hole in one…still haven’t managed that in this game. Sounds like a little White Zombie was playing in the background for that shot…LOL…I don’t know if I could get away with that at Augusta… :rofl: Maybe I need dreds on my character…


LOL…the definition of choking…on the 17th hole of the final round. Tied with @adlabs6…all I gotta do is par the hole to split first place.

Not one but TWO in the water! :rofl: Snowman on the final hole! :snowman:

So…the moral of the story, two large margaritas are perfect…three…err…has consequences…


Drinking certainly did not help me in this game lol.

I’ll try and get to this week’s round in a couple days.