Mudspike Country Club


Well, I got it downloaded and played a first round. I’m using the wireless X-Box controller that came with my Rift. Pretty neat.


Second round at Faxon Park was a little better. Again, a nervous start with a lead off bogey (ugh)…settling in with a string of pars before finding my stride and managing seven birdies out of the remaining ten holes. A couple missed opportunities with putts that just didn’t go. And I played the par 5s conservatively on the front nine…ended up laying up a couple shots because I wasn’t confident I could make the tight approach to the green with my 3-wood (ya’ know…that muscle spasm in the back swing that puts you in the water…)

That -10 second round was a barn burner @Rhinosaurus!


Ya! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep it up. Coach is already at my final score lol.


Wrapped up the third and fourth round. Forgot to take a screen of my 3rd round scorecard, but some simple math says I shot a -5 on round three, and a -5 on round four to finish up at -19. Pretty happy with my fourth round play…a clean card for once with no bogeys but missed a few opportunities for birdie putts to take some strokes out of @Gunnyhighway’s massive lead. By the middle of round three I knew I was just competing for second place. Fun tournament…a single bad shot could really do some damage on the leaderboard!


Um…are you all aware that this thread is growing faster than the HB F-14 and FA-18 thread combined?

I might suggest a 12-step programing may be in order. :wink:


Well done beach!

And holy crazy score gunny.


I don’t recommend that as that’s exactly what put me firmly in last place :smiley:


@BeachAV8R great recommendation on this game. And for $12 dollars, can’t beat it. Reminded me how much I use to enjoy the tiger woods games. Anyone still on the fence about this one, if you enjoy golf games, it’s a no brainer. I don’t know if the courses are licensed actual courses, but the swing mechanics and graphics are excellent.


Yeah, it is pretty addictive. I always wished I had more time to take up the real golf habit. I played in high school on a team and then walked away from it after graduation. My brother went on to become a PGA pro (non-touring) and my dad is a scratch golfer. So the game satisfies an itch that is obviously in my DNA :joy:

I’ve been having a great time this week flipping back and forth between golf and flying VTOL VR. :+1:t2:


Don’t worry too much about being in last place, just yet, I still haven’t played those rounds… :smiley:


Argh. So I was playing the Shriners, and finished my first round with a 150+ yard hole out… it was glorious. But because it was the last hole, I couldn’t save the replay. And it seems it doesn’t save ghosts from PGA Tour mode?? So lame. Blah. Was such a good shot. Anyway, good first round!


Nice multiplayer rounds tonight @saghen and @Rhinosaurus. Some ups and downs, and some interesting layouts on some of those courses.

Putting… still evades me. I’ve got to find some kind of feel for it.


If it is any consolation, my putting is terrible too.


I’m horrible in that area of 15 to 20 yards from the pin when I’m having to pitch the ball from just off the fringe. Sometimes the flop shot is too far, so you are forced into the pitch…and 30% of the time I end up trying to take too much off it and just fluff it up barely onto the green, and the other 30% I don’t take enough off and the ball skitters past the pin 25 feet. That is definitely the weakest part of my game…


Pitch or chip? That sounds more like a chip. Minimum pitch is 55yds


Yea, beyond 8 foot and it’s a tossup whether it sinks. Happily, I can usually two-putt from most any situation, but that’s really keeping me at par or bogey for most approaches.

What I’m going to work on is landing closer to the pin. Right now IIRC my average has been around 30 feet or so. It would be helpful to get that below 15.


Yes…that was what I meant to say…chip…I suck at chipping…


I noticed that on my shorter distance clubs like the 7,8,9,PW I’m tending to adjust too much for wind and green slope. Unless the wind is much above 10mph OR if you really have to play the slope of the green, I think I need to just aim at the flag and hit it. I’ve noticed a lot of my good, straight shots with those clubs are ending up exactly where I aimed them to go…8 or 9’ left or right of the pin because I thought they would drift onto the pin in the wind, and they don’t (most of the time). There sure is a nice feeling of satisfaction though when you arc a shot into the wind, hit the green just right, and it curves down a slope to nestle up near the hole.

I’m still learning just how much increasing the loft of the club takes off the range too. Sometimes the next club lower just doesn’t have the oomph…but the proper club will have me going long. So rather than try to depower my swing (I cannot tailor my swing to like 80% or 90%…I just can’t do it) I just adjust the loft to hopefully take some power off the ball. Of course, as you do that, the “perfect swing” corridor gets narrower, but heck…after a few beers I’m not even looking at that thing anyway… :rofl:


Lol 30 feet. I am way over that according to the stats. I don’t believe it.


Excellent -10 round at the Shriners to put me 10 strokes ahead of the field. Highlight was a 57 foot putt sunk for an eagle… replay is on my player profile… just make sure you keep changing angles to see the put while it plays, because the stands get it in the way.